Dreams of a Youth by Marc Chagall Books I-VIII below are a compilation of poems that I wrote many years ago when I was a teenager. I rediscovered them near the end of 2005. Looking back, I remember writing them and putting a lot of effort into them. Most of these poems seem to represent a kind of childhood innocence. I believe that if we lose this innocence and reject the person we used to be, we begin to lose our soul. Most of these poems are like a diary from a time that seems a lifetime away. They are laid out and written just as I wrote them many years ago, except for corrections of misspelled words.

After thinking about it, I decided to publish these poems on my website so they could finally see the light of day after being stored in a trunk for so many years. I don’t claim that they are masterpieces, but they give you a chance to see what was in my heart and mind before the martial arts took a central place in my life.

Reading through these poems many years after writing them, I can see that I was definitely in search of something. I was trying my best to think and create. I don’t remember the details of what or who I was talking about in most of these poems, but I do remember writing them on a small desk in my old room many years ago—a lifetime ago, in the days before computers were widely used. I wrote all of these poems by hand and carefully recopied them so they would have no cross-outs or erasures.

I believe that if I could travel back in time as the person I am today, the boy would have passed these written works to the grown-up Christopher N. Geary with much pride, and it would have meant the world to him that I was making them available to you now. This website is their final resting place.

After rediscovering the poems I had written in my youth, I decided to start writing poetry again in January of 2006. Book VI begins my more recent work. I decided to request some input from a published poet, so I wrote to Gerald Stern, an award-winning poet who also taught for many years at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. His assistant, Stephanie Smith, sent me an e-mail on January 24, 2006 reporting that she had given him some of my poems to read and he told her that I ought to continue writing. Mr. Stern also provided a few suggestions to strengthen my skills, and he sent me an autographed copy of one of his award-winning books, Everything Is Burning.

On June 4, 2006, I contacted Clarinda Harriss, a Professor of English at Towson University in Towson, Maryland who had written a guestbook entry on May 8, 2006. I wanted to get some input from her while I was wrapping up one of my latest poems, "The Rich Man's Wife." I sent a copy of the poem to her before it was done because she had read my work in Book VI.

Professor Clarinda HarrissI told Professor Harriss that I really enjoy writing poetry but feel that my poems are not written "properly" (the way proper poets write), and I asked her if she thought there was room for improvement in my writing. She replied, "Hey, I really like the attached poem very much, and I think it would be a terrible shame for you to make it 'proper.' Seriously, I think the best aspect of your later work is that they do not seem to conform to any notion of how to write poetry 'properly.' You do not want to lose that edge. The martial arts are disciplined and beautiful--not unlike good poetry. But by disciplined, I absolutely do not mean 'proper,' so please get that word out of your vocab., poem-wise. One thing you might enjoy and find rewarding is to experiment in so-called 'fixed forms' or 'traditional forms'--sonnets, villanelles, sestinas, blank verse, pantoums, etc.--but I do not recommend that you in any way shave off the rough edges of your diction and voice. And I don't recommend sticking to the traditional forms--just fooling around with their kind of discipline."

These words from Professor Harriss gave me a sense of freedom and a renewed commitment to follow my own path in my writing.

As I looked for images to accompany my poetry, I didn't have to think long to decide that Russian-born French painter and designer Marc Chagall (1887-1985), distinguished for his surrealistic inventiveness, would be the one. I wanted to put up his work for two reasons: first, because he is at the top of my list among "modern-day" artists and is recognized as one of the most significant painters and graphic artists of the twentieth century. Second, many people have never heard of Marc Chagall, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to view his work and appreciate its beauty and passion, as I do. After seeing his work, some people may want to purchase Chagall prints or paintings for themselves. Though most of us would buy prints, I did some research and found that the original painting "Priere" (the one that accompanies Book V of my poetry) was offered for sale for $10,250,000 in the first part of 2006. You may scroll over each image to receive more information about each painting.

Book I (Before October 10, 1987)
Book II (October 10, 1987 - December 12, 1988)
Book III (January 7, 1989 - November 27, 1989)
Book IV (January 15, 1990 - November 7, 1990)
Book V (January 25, 1991 - July 30, 1991)
Book VI (January 4, 2006 - June 25, 2006)
Book VII (July 2, 2006 - May 11, 2007)
Book VIII (June 21, 2007 - October 21, 2007)

Book I
(Before October 10, 1987)

Romeo and Juliette by Marc Chagall

Before October 10, 1987

I feel so alone
I feel so empty
I want to write
But I don’t know what
Is there another world
I think there is
I want my mind
And my imagination
To take me there
There’s so much to learn
So much to learn

She looks at me in the halls
I look back
I almost trip and fall
She turns away
We smile as we go on
I think to myself maybe, someday
Her name is Roxanne
There’s nothing else to say
But she’ll always be to me
The beautiful lady
The days will go on
And we’ll sing another song
And think about the
Beautiful lady

The stars
Are so nice
At night, when they are nice and bright
So together, tonight will be the night
To see

I’ll see her
I’m so sure
It’s right
Me and her

Does there have to be war
Everything could be so peaceful
First we had war between the black and white
But it doesn’t make it right
To have war between countries
Will we ever have peace
Can the countries get along without fighting
Someday there will be no color of war
And no more color of blood
And no more color of war

I met her only today
Yet I look at my paper
The words on a clean sheet of paper
They all look the same way
Just wondering how this is going to end
Everything seems like a blur
And I’m just trying to end it
The dark night turns blue
As it come into the morning
The stars fade away, and comes the sun
I feel good, I feel good, good
To be alive and free
Birds land on the treetops
The smell of morning
And possible dreams
I still believe in my dreams
And the love I give
To the women that I fall in love with

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Girl I have always dreamed dreams
But when I saw you, I saw a dream come true
When you caught my eye
I knew we were in love forever, together
I still think about you
And that hot summer night
You had me feeling
Like I never felt before
We were in love together, forever
Are dreams meant to last forever, together
Then came the night when you had to go
The night that came when we said goodbye
And I said we would stay in touch
And see each other again
Will I ever see you again my lover
Can I see you again my friend
I always loved you my little dream come true
I knew we were in love forever, together

I want to live in a place far, far away
Not that I don’t like people, I do
But just like the old times
With no factories, apartment and towns
To live in a place with nature all around me
Fresh water, rivers with many fat clean salmon
To smell the salmon on the grill in the country
The scent slowly moving up through the trees
All around in the air
To lay back upon the grass, full and feeling well
And look up at the sky
And see the bright stars, up above me
I want to live in a place far, far away

I can feel the melody coming
I can feel it in the air
The melody is everywhere
So I sing it anywhere, yes I do
And I’ll sing my melody
I’ll make you so happy, and sing
Because I can feel the melody coming
It will fill the air
When I sing it to you, girl
I’ve always wanted to sing my melody
And I will, to you
Sometimes I get so afraid
What can I do when I’m with you

I fell in love with her, talking
With her on the phone
To the girl, who taught me late one night
Her name is Laura
When I asked her to come over
She said yes
The next day she had my life turned all over
My friends said I couldn’t take it
Couldn’t make it with her
This writing is mine
Turning in my mind
This girl is crazy for me
Laura’s the girl for me
Laura can you hear me
Because I’m calling you

I haven’t called you for a while
It seems a long time to me
Cause every time I call, I just hang up
Cause there isn’t much to say
Now I know things seem strange
But we can make it work
Cause if you love someone
They’ll always be there for you
We’ll find a way
And break away
From all the love we left behind
I can’t stay away from you
But one day, I’m going to take you away
And find the dreams we had together
Walking down the lover’s road forever more
Just you and me
I know I should have asked you
Why couldn’t we be together
I can’t understand
I wanted more than just a friend

The sand through my fingers
And the soft wind through my hair
And they touch me so softly by the seaside
The water looks so clear when you’re there
By the seaside, the only lover in my life
And girl, it’s so easy to believe
That you’re all that I’ll ever need
And looking at the moon, looks so right
I’m so glad that you were there by the seaside
I love you, girl, and I need you so
And I will never let you go
And the water looks so clear, when you’re there
The only lover in my life
Is with me by the seaside

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Book II
(October 10, 1987 - December 12, 1988)

Couple in Window by Marc Chagall

October 10, 1987

Dreams are to be shared by only one
Dreams shall always be with you
They shall never end in your heart
Because that one dream that you dream of
Will always be there
That will always be inside of you
If you can’t make that dream come true at first
Then try, try again
It’s your dream, and only yours

November 25, 1987

Life is like a dream
Written like a book
Created by stars
In a dark place unknown
We live in this place
To get our chance, one chance
To live, love and cherish ourselves
And to live our dreams
That become our life

May 15, 1988

She flies through the night
In search of nothing
But she knows what she wants
An angel of beauty
Pure as the night
Wings, wings of white
Gliding, soaring
Soft music
It fills the air
Her body shines in the moonlight
Ocean sounds fill the air
As her wings move
A bird in her hand
Not moving, the bird looks at her
Without fear
I look out my window
As she flies away
Away, but she’ll come another day

May 22, 1988

The leaves are wet on the trees
They shine with the moonlight
On the tops of the trees
The cold rain pouring down
I feel cold and I shiver
But I like it, I do
It feels like the beginning of life
Oh yes, life
When the sky and moon are dark
But in some places a little light
Nothing is around me
Just mountains on a beach
All that I feel is rain
I’m cold and I shiver
As I take another breath of my smoke
I wish that I could
Have a quilt made of feathers and cloth
And curl up on the beach, shiver
And feel the rain

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October 3, 1988

I met her only today
Yet I’ve known her from yesterday
Two different people, different people
Different worlds
But we are like one
Like the birds need the sky
Like a poor man waves goodbye
Her eyes, hazel
So now that I can see
Together it’s just you and me

October 10, 1988

I feel fine
Not a worry in my mind
I’m very calm tonight
Just thinking about me
My future
The music I hear
Sounds so sweet to my ears
And just relaxing
And thinking
What will people think of me
When they open my magic book
This book, that is
With all my magic
That I can create
To express all my feelings
And what’s happened in my life
That is, my life
My life
To you my reader – Hello

November 25, 1988

As the sky clears from mist
Mist so it may seem
So dark and mysterious
The sky parts from it
Like a room without someone
To see a room
Is to see yourself, within yourself
It’s who you are and what you are
Because without rain upon the trees
The sky without the sun
Is a room without a light
Because without a light you cannot see yourself
Really see yourself

December 12, 1988

The sound of her voice
Is the sound of warmth
That keeps me warm
Inside of her
So beautiful
She is
Her soft skin
Knows when I touch
The clouds turn black
As I look upon the sea
All alone as I stand
So alone and so quite
Feeling her touch
I can’t believe my eyes
As she looks apon me
A shiver the wind is cold
I hear the waves
I look into the sea
So dark, so cold, so nice
So I lay upon the sand
And hear her laugh
I see her face in my mind
Oh, how I would hold her
Oh, how I would try
Oh, how I would try
The trees sway in the wind
Like the heart inside of me
All that I see, all I feel, is you
And even when I dream

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Book III
(January 7, 1989 - November 27, 1989)

Couple au Dessus de St. Paul by Marc Chagall

January 7, 1989

A moon, moon’s all around us
Sometimes it’s frightening
So peaceful, space
So peaceful that we can’t imagine
Maybe that’s the thing that’s so frightening
Like the snow that falls from the trees
How it melts before the touch
Not a sound, silence
It seems like no existence
No existence though it may seem
No existence may become peace

January 17, 1989

The skies are blue
I think I’m falling for you
As the sun happily shines
Oh, now I know, now I know
Just what I’m going to do
Now we haven’t known each other
For a very long time now
But I can see deep inside your heart
That there’s a chance for me and you
I used to look upon a star
Anytime that I could see them
And dream that I would someday fall in love
With someone like you
Don’t know what to do
Just don’t know what to do

January 19, 1989

Well I, I’ve known about a lot of things
Until now everything’s changing on me
The colors that surround my world
Are just like a fantasy, you must see
I have, have always thought that
Life is a beautiful magic tree
And everything surrounded it
People came to my every need
Oh girl, sometimes I’m so afraid
Oh life, and also living
But I found you baby
And you found you and me
So together you, me forever
But we’ll find out how to make it
On our own forever you and me, together
We’ll start out slow and in time we’ll know
Just where we’ll go, together
Sunsets and magical mystery skies
We’ll make a promise, and tell no lies
Cause we’re the only two trees left
Now it’s time to plant those magic seeds

January 23, 1989

I thought that I’d sit down today
And write another love poem
Until it’s time to come and get you
Cause I very much love you
Sometimes just standing around
I often think of what we have
That’s all right girl
The eighth line, thinking to myself
One more time
Cold once soft breezes in the wind
Sometimes now and then
I can feel your touch
Can’t wait to feel it again

January 24, 1989

Here I am all alone together with myself
So it may seem strange, I am
The clean white walls all around me
Nothing around me, just walls
Hear I am, life’s a strange place to be
When you’re trapped within yourself
If you can’t move, why try
If one tries so very hard to, they might
But might, might can be a can
And if there’s a can, there’s a will
The only change in a lifetime
That change will be forever
Hear I am trying so hard to change
One has the will, everyone
Only one change in a lifetime
Here I am

February 6, 1989

The sunsets, blue colored lights
All around us, girl
The sand is soft tonight
But I wonder
If it’s too late
To build our castle
Upon the beachside
Upon the sand
And under the blue, blue lights
And colored sunsets

February 11, 1989

If the seven seas were seven words
Then I’d write them to the one I love
But words aren’t made of water
So we’ll just have to take it slow
If I was a man who had everything
I’d give it to you
Nobody has anything anymore
But love, love is all that we have

March 21, 1989

Die for what you believe in
Not what you’re afraid of…

April 7, 1989

As I open my window
To let the cold air in
I feel a chill
Within my skin
I hear bells in the distance
But they’re not far away
The wind whistles
And the curtains move
Very slowly, but they move
The bells moving faster now
The wind blows and I am cold again
A chill comes over me
Like the cold water in the spring
My mind tells me to close it now
But my heart says, let nature come in
It hurts my skin
But it feels so right to let nature come in
The trees seem so lonely
To be all alone
Out there in the wind
I love you dark and wind
Because there’s nothing else to do
But imagine the wind in my window

April 17, 1989

I look around myself
No worries, not for me anyway
The future is near
Many people, some don’t care
Life is so short
Soft like the touch of a baby
I want to be remembered
To have people, to have them see who I was
So someone would have something
Something to look up to
The one man, the man who changed the world
The someone who made a change
So people, so they have seen things differently
Not to give up
Make a choice, the choice to do what you
Think is right
I want people to see
To be what you want, is all the satisfaction in life

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April 23, 1989

Your day of the year
Is only one week away
You asked me to write
Something for you, a fantasy
Your day of the year is near
You asked for a fantasy
But all that I can give
Are these words
That are for you, from me
I wish all the best for you
Enjoy the best things in life
Things that are free
Sunsets, the sounds of the oceans
And blue skies
You should, I do
I am from you
You made me
You made another life free
Someone like you, someday
Should have a fantasy
On your birthday

April 25, 1989

The sky is gray
The night is perfect
It’s almost the next day
As the night falls asleep
The only one awake
Trying to forget, but also to keep
Smelling the breeze
The scent of flowers
Puts me to ease
I see some light
In houses with windows
But is it right
The world should be asleep now
Even though I’m not
The night is quiet somehow
As I close my eyes
I think that I will dream
Dream of good things
And watch the sun rise

April 27, 1989

As I walk through the garden
The birds singing and humming
Flowers white, blue and orange
The grass below my feet
I look to the sky
Where the clouds slowly meet
To see the sun above the mountain’s peak
Blue sky to see
It never ends
From the land and beyond the sea
Life all around
But some
Don’t make a sound

May 11, 1989

The sweetest scent
I’ve ever known
Her face perfect
A woman grown
I feel a warmth
I’ve never known
It may not be me
But it will be somebody
I’m speechless in her presence
Speechless, wordless
When I look into her eyes
Oh, there’s so much to see
Her soft skin longing for a touch
Smooth, soft, waiting
Can’t be myself when I’m around
Shaking now
Knowing she’ll want to read this
Imagining her kiss

May 15, 1989

The rocky beach
Ocean tides cover them
Many times a day
Rocks who knows how long
To put a pen in the hand
And dip the ink
The stories that could be told
Be told forever
The rocky beach
So many things happened
Thought the time
Time went on forever
Before man and God
From the millions of times
The rocky beach washes away

May 16, 1989

Now as I sit
Alone as I wait
My writer’s compose
Will soon oppose
The emptiness
The glassolalia
That I can’t explain
Intervene I write
The world, a miscegenation
Love, I can’t explain
Somnambulism in all of us
Lazy in some ways
Air that surrounds us
We will all someday fill it
In my writer’s compose

November 2, 1989

Sunsets to you
Days of blue
Knowledge you keep
Children in the night weep
Hair like grass
I never touch, I touch, I guess
A little boy smiling
Baby I love you, I’m not lying
Give you all I got
But my soul, my God has caught
A tear from my eye
It disappears like day into the sky
Drink your pain
As I drink the rain
I’m a faithful one
I have no chance
I owe my God one

November 21, 1989

I believe in me
My God
My soul in which he has given me
My strength from deep within my heart
My honor, being honest and loyal
I believe in me
My grain of sand
My stars that shine above me
My universe that surrounds me
My soon love, the female body
I believe in me and my shining rapier

November 27, 1989

The first snowfall
There’s a cold chill next to me
I wish I had a female
A warm female to hold
Fall asleep in her arms
Between her breasts
I wish I could feel love now
I want to so much
I’m eighteen and I want a family
My family, my wife to make love to
Oh baby, hold me in your arms
To kiss your skin, I love your skin
Hold my head in your arms
I want to feel protected
Protect me from the evil
And the chill I feel
From the first snowfall
I love the first snowfall

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Book IV
(January 15, 1990 - November 7, 1990)

Lovers by Marc Chagall

January 15, 1990

Her face is reflecting
From the sunset above
I don’t know who
But I hear her coming
As I feel my strength
In my blood
In which I slept
My last thought
She didn’t love me
In every night I slept
In my own pain
In my own blood
From my broken heart
Oh God, why me
But she’s coming
I will soon believe again
I miss you
Though I don’t know you
Oh baby I feel so strange, I do
Enter me, as I enter you
Your name will still start with “c”
It will be destiny

March 11, 1990

The rain felt like summer once again
A warm day was in my hand
Magic in the air when it began
Mist falling from the sky
A woman dancing in white
All the pain soon said goodbye
The mist falling down upon me
Mist and rain from the dreams broken
It will be all right, it was meant to be
Music in the air, sounds so sweet to hear
She dances to it, the white is wet
It clings to her beautiful body, so clear
The women so soft, warm
So glad women are here upon us
They make the man strong in the storm
Beautiful children they give
New dreams, new memories
Soft like a dove
The lady in white gives us hope
And we go on if we don’t succeed
I’m still looking for you and trying to cope
Without you

March 17, 1990

A bird that doesn’t fly south for the winter
Is afraid to try
Life is a test
You can’t ever stop trying
If you stop
You will freeze

March 25, 1990

I see you my love
It might take me awhile
But I will find us
For some things are hard to find
Sometimes I cry
Crying is good I guess
It makes the pain wash away
Washing away pain, of love
That I don’t have
I want a beautiful lady
To love me, what I am
Who will understand me
I see you in my dreams
Holding me, teaching me
I love the love that we’ll share
But I will find us
It might take me a while
I see you my love

March 25, 1990

Cold all around from the air
It burns my skin, so dry
The fire from behind
Smokes in my eyes, makes a tear
Skies clear and black
The moon’s full
Surrounded, my stars
Everyone’s dreams, I see mine coming back
I touch the ground I sit upon
Dirt through my fingers
Cold and wet, a sign of death
Many years ahead, let’s go, come on

March 25, 1990

The next, I don’t know
Don’t stop and don’t give up
Friends are the most important
Friends of all colors, from all nations
Knowing different people makes peace
It develops a better person
It makes you understand
Understanding you and the world
That you live in
As for you my love
I’m still looking, you’re hard to find
I can’t wait to share my life
And make you understand me
I promise I will work hard
So we will have much
I’m ready to share my life
With you is all that I want to do
For that I live, sharing

March 27, 1990

From the moon
I saw the earth
Blackness all around it
Our earth in the universe
I hope that it will stay
Sometime it may become
Another star
Another planet ruined
Wanted to rule, to pay the price
Of a nuclear war
We all must learn to love
People of all races and religions
We must learn peace and happiness
For the armies are here to protect
Countries fight for more and more
Being a man is truth and loyalty
We all must become it
For if we do
The stars will become planets
Because the first soul was
He made it possible for us

March 28, 1990

Hair the color of gold
Short like the life we live
You, the one I want
The dreams of you
Keep me going
You I’ve caught
Sometimes I can see
Pictures in the future
Of you and me
It’s so hard to believe
The stars, the moons, my memory
To know that I’m so close to her
My heart, stay still
I hear your words
A soft sweet whisper
Beauty in your face
Lips of a rose
You, the one I love
On the hardest rock
The highest mountain
Letters in your name
That I would carve
And the world would know
Her name is Barb
You I’ve chosen
So warm and kind
Your beauty
It fills my mind
So please don’t hide
For it is only you
That must decide

March 30, 1990

Seeing you last night
Makes me wonder
And wanting to know
How you feel about me
I really love you, truly so
That poem, words I write
Are in my heart
Barb, I wanted all of you
Last night
I can’t get you
Out of my mind
I try so hard
Two weeks, you’ll be gone
Please don’t leave me
For without you
I can’t go on
I miss you already
It’s not so hard to say
I need a promise
That you’ll call me every day
Though it won’t be enough
But it will do
I’ll have to wait
But it’s so hard
When it comes to you
In your heart
I just want to belong
I’ll fight with my rapier
For a Marine must be strong
The stars shine above, the sky
Your beauty, your face
A tear in my eye
The wind so cold, it burns
You I can feel inside me
You, the one I drink
You I must eat
To soothe my hunger
White wings of an angel
In your heart I see
So warm, skin so soft
My mind lies peacefully
You must understand, my love
A Marine, honesty and pride
I will fight for my country
And if need be, I shall die
So please write to me
If I’m far away
On land, air or sea
True love is real
I need to know
How you feel
Life is short
As you know
So write to me
Sometime soon
Before you go
Maybe, just maybe
It was meant to be
Please, for me
I must know
Put me out of this
Waiting misery

April 3, 1990

On the corner, I see the man
The body frozen, a bottle in hand
Eyes open in wonder, the face scared
A man looking out, a man not spared
There’s no sorrow, no magic
Real life, death is tragic
Frozen tears, in the eyes
As he lay, his dreams lost in the skies
The hunger, in his bones you can truly see
Not even a coffin, in the cemetery
His wife, two years younger
Forty-one, such a wonder they’re not together
Raped and drugged, a woman now with AIDS
She died three weeks ago, drained the money – no more maids
Life insurance, just enough for the funeral
No family, one man for the burial
He turns over, and kisses her
A bad dream, touches the mirror

April 6, 1990

I soar through the skies
Love and beauty all around
I’m hungry
Hungry for the future dreams in my eyes
The dreams pound my head
Sun burning my flesh
Wings white and feathered in the heat, I fly
Soft pillows, I lay in my bed
Tossing, I can feel the cold air
Shaking, I see blue skies
In my body
Shivers, touch me if you dare
Sunsets trying to reach
I fly to it
My eyes lost in the mist
I look below, it lay there on the rocky beach
A gold and diamond rapier
Somewhere lost in time
I move to it
Now it looks clearer
I look, trying to become
Destiny before me
The closer, and it becomes its dream
The soul strong and never numb
The past is gone, or is it so
Someone’s future still awaits
I see the person
It will be me, I still don’t know
My finding, long, powerful
The sword that I hold
What is the meaning
I shake uncontrollably, how magical

April 6, 1990

As I lay
And the sound of your song
Hearing Tiny Dancer, makes my day
Memories of you and I
Through the good and the bad
The good and happiness makes me cry
From the wet dippers, to the first test drive
Through the house being on fire and scratching your car
Your desperado just trying to survive
The days and nights of learning Jingle Bells
Keeping me going
Catching me, before I hit the bottom of wells
Blue eyes that you gave
I will soon see the world
Always trying to behave
Your first born, Christopher Nathan Teater Geary
I’ll try in my heart to do my best
There’s no need to worry
I’m so glad that through the years, you stayed so calm
What I’m trying to say is
I love you mom

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April 10, 1990

Every time I see you
All the time we spend
Sunsets above us, always blue
Three days of the week, the time we share
I’ll never forget you
In the future we’ll meet again somewhere
You are one of a kind
Memories of you fill my mind
Curly black hair and eyes so true
Touching your skin
Kissing your lips when I’m in you
Soft voices from the mouth I hear
Touch my chest
In my heart, you’ll always be near
The snow melts in the early April eve
Winter become spring
The seasons change, soon I must leave
A time for some
A challenge
I must overcome
Sometimes I just can’t get enough of you
Your body I want inside
Please tell me what I can do
Your mouth, I savor the taste
Wetness with my tongue
One drop of you would be a waste
Our beautiful white soft beaches
I’m so glad that we met
I’ll miss you, peaches

April 13-14, 1990

The world would never know
My life through the years, they come and go
Times and places
Mountains, beaches, farms, and pretty faces
Building my body as well as my mind
Until I die, my thoughts won’t be left behind
Flowers that scent my air
By which I stand everywhere
I lay and dream my dream, the reason I came
Once upon in the space, stars for that I aim
You and love, how warm and wet it can be
Smelling the sea makes you hungry
Not the same within the two
Man and women together, touching in time
Entering a women, into her
Sounds that touch and please the soul, beautiful, so sure
Sun so warm and bright
Summer’s air so sweet and clear tonight
The past days and years
Happy thoughts and sometimes endless fears
A new beginning, a fresh start
To my life, I’ll push on to find my being’s art
To the heroes that I want to become
Fulfill me, only if I could save just some
Protecting the people, Man to Son
The past and future, what soldiers have always done
The moon and the sun, universe that surrounds us all
My fingers through her wet hair, sucking her skin is what I saw
Stars and the females that I’ve loved so much
Hold you down, between you, your wetness, tongue to touch

April 15, 1990

Trees in the wind that flow
Now can I tell her, I need her so
My heart moves in the wind
Air that surrounds my move, a bind will it end
A drop of rain, it falls from the sky
I think of her on my mountain, I sigh
Rain in the valley it flows
Beneath me it will freeze, in the water when it snows
The trees, heart, and move to be
Trapped within oneself, into me
She must see that I do care
Holding her hand, I look to stare
Melinda Sue
Please tell me, I must hear from you too
Castles and lightning from above
The roaring sounds of thunder, I love
And through the wet fields to you
I walk ten miles to get to you
My legs so sore
The pain I give, you I adore
How can I tell her, I need her so
The answer is in the wind, in the trees that flow

April 20, 1990

The air was warm, leaves still, breeze so soft
From the tree house, the boy looked down from the loft
Cut-off jeans, shirt white, ripped and a yellow stain
His brown hair messed up, feeling adventure, no pain
Inside his castle, weapons that would protect him
A wooden knife and boxes of small rocks, the night dim
For food he would eat the berries, roots, and nuts
He had learned how to clean fish guts
It was the beginning of summer
The boy would play and dream forever

April 24, 1990

Waiting for you to come
Standing in the summer’s air at night
The wind and sounds of silence
Wanting your sweet bite
Your scent I can smell and taste
From my existence miles away
You fly to me
When I need you, day to day

April 24, 1990

I lay on my back and looked above me
The stars that I saw made me believe again
When you open your eyes and truly see
The world is round and the blackness is its shape
I live in my dream because it’s mine
Reality brings you down and closes your drape
Only a short time to hold and achieve
I’m happy to be alive so much to do
Can’t everyone see through me to believe
The woman that I hold and care for
So hunger for her, I feel so strong
For she believes in me to my inner core
The man and woman from past to present
Changes to soul that makes the love real
To believe in another forever, woman and gent
Sometimes I cry to feel so much stronger
My tears from my eyes fall into the air
I wanted to be a child for so much longer
To breathe and the eyes that see the goodness
Our being, the togetherness in the world
Is something to be happy and proud of
My free country, our flag unfurled
So many things that I could do, I sigh
The chill from my lungs, once made of soil
Praying everyday that I’ll never die

April 29, 1990

My heart pounds
The blood through my body
The wolf cuts my flesh and hounds
Roses shattered into the darkness, it dies
Beating sun has gone down
Fog into the night, it lies
The best in me
I crawl into the future
And into it I see
The pain of love and death
Moving, my blood covers my skin
The taste I savor from my birth
My bones against the soil
I move so far, as far from it I can be
My inside I cry, it becomes a boil

May 12, 1990

Not far away
Words I obey
Skies darken
My flesh bitten
The cut shallow
My path narrow
Movement into I come
Only I, only some
Yesterday I flow
The shelter I know
It holds me
A wish into the sea
My wish is you
I know what to do
The scent from your skin
I taste you from within
And my love I hold
My heart I’ve sold
Only to the one I love
The white winged dove
I shake without you
The heart in two
The more and more I need
Only you, my seed
Everyday of my life
I look for my future wife
And now I know
Through the rain and snow
That it takes time to find
Look ahead and never behind

May 15, 1990

So many years have gone by
And so they make a commitment for me, to I
It was something that I didn’t want
Did nothing with my life but taunt
But through the years, I have seen
Everyone besides you knows everything, if you know what I mean
If they listen to me more and understand the reasons
Growing up in changing times, through the different seasons
How could someone be so cruel
A grown man not caring, you were too cool
So many times you put me down
Finally I moved to another town
And it is now that I have become someone
But it’s always been in me, now it’s done
After three days I will have my high school diploma
Just sitting around, not a worry, no dilemma
See, the tests are passed now, I just wait
Like forever I’ve know, you’ve been the bait
You said I’d never do it, using me for your tool
Look around old man, turns out you’re the fool

May 15, 1990

The days seem longer
The minutes like hours
Soon the boy will turn into man
The man will become truth
Watching the time move
So desperate for it to come
I think of my life
That lays before me
The past memories through the years
The future is what I dream of
Fresh, clean air surrounds my thought
Away I’ll start my own life
The time is moving faster now
But where has it gone
I think to myself
That time is gone
But my times are very near
For some time must be wasted
I must be thinking now
One must think before doing
That’s why I write now
The hero that I must become
I know that now, that’s in your heart
Be true to myself, before others
That I’ve learned and I must give
Hate is written in the eyes
It’s so wrong and should be let alone
The time is almost here
I believe so much, I do
One step at a time, my time

May 19, 1990

I see in the future eyes of America
That “one nation under God” must believe
Believe, for that is what we’ve done for years
The soldiers before us, gave their lives for us
And we must honor them in this way
There must be peace, America
The governments are out of control
Power and more power, will it ever end
The children crying in the night
Within the cities, towns and all around us
The homeless people that pray for food and love
Sleeping in paper bags and eating out of trash cans
I know that our forefathers did not intend this
When they signed the Constitution they put their lives in danger
So that we “We the people” would all be equal
When you see a poor man in the streets, alone
Lend a hand so this madness ends
It has to be now, take time to love
Respect your elders, respect your country
There’s only so much a country can do
You, a part of this great country, must help
And remember a great, great man who once said
“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” JFK
                                            Semper Fidelis 

May 26, 1990

Blue skies
Grass green as the leaves are on the trees
Petals that fall from them
Cover the rooftops
The scent from the air
Cleanses my presence
The warmth fills through
Like a cold drink inside of me
My high I can now feel, life
I keep pushing, my bones strong
So solid I feel
The trees stand tall
It will be hard
Keep going and pick up the petals as you go

November 7, 1990

The rolling clouds and thunder
Rain like crystals, the thought and wonder
To be stone, so many years have fallen
The moon and sun my mind has stolen
And the diamonds, gold, falling crystals into space
The darkness and coldness, the dew, grasses for its base
The words washed away
They mold into time, in soil, into clay
Sun’s heat the rays that burn
Years have passed and still we turn
The little boy’s smile, fill my dreams with him
Let the tears and the terror wash away from them
Warm winds in the valleys, but cool on the mountaintops
Castles between the places, falling snow and lights at stops
Everywhere they glisten
Standing still and unaware, you can listen
Nature is so peaceful, soft and quiet, always something
Motionless, the shadows of nothing…

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Book V
(January 25, 1991 - July 30, 1991)

Priere by Marc Chagall

January 25, 1991

The lonely pain of love
The heart over the mind
Although the thoughts are left to think of
Sometimes the dance must end
When your feet are worn
And the music slows, the words have nothing to send
The times we’ve shared, sunny days and dark nights
The moonlight shines the mind, days warm the heart
For the roses grow faster in the sunlight…

February 23, 1991

The trees tower over me
Tips away with the wind
The darkness and the moon moves the sea
Chills in me, the wind blows
And I dream, I look into it
The answer I try and find only I who knows
My mind is empty
As I try and find a reason
My being and that’s important to me
I cry, for I miss
Away from my home
I need her kiss
But my heart is far away
Beyond the sunsets, moons, and eternity
I need somewhere, I think of everyday…

February 27, 1991

The moon shines on the earth
The grasses dance for it in the wind
Softly you can hear the message
They are trying to send
The quiet whispers
That warm the night
And the blue sky looks down
To find its sight
The trees grow together
To make their own home
The warmth and peace
Created in their dome
A crisp air in the early summer
The feeling it gave
I shall never surrender
As I wait for the sun to rise
I look to the stars and fantasize
I imagine the horizon with my mind
I look and reach, I cannot find
Catch a breath, the wind blows
A touch, it goes…

March 6, 1991

And so the tears begin to fall
She dances to the beauty of it all
The love that she has lost
A warm smile, she looks at the cost
For he’s a poor man now
She stops for a moment, a bow
In love with another fellow
They share the same pillow
But this man has no money
Of course something has to be done about her other honey
Oh, how she loves him so
For the first must die
More money don’t you know
She needs caviar to eat
The woman is so soft and petite
So now it’s done
She has only one
But there is one promise she must keep
She stands above the grave
Lifts her dress and weeps
But what about her love now
She knows there’s money from murder somehow…

March 12, 1991

Her eyes caught me
And the warmth from her smile
I wrote to her in the candlelight
The dreams of the dance
Music to her, and of her
I touch you, the softness
Her scent, a rose has no meaning
A tear falls into the stream
The reflection, she looks to me
Holding her, I drink
And the smile once again
The warmth I kiss from her lips
I take her for she is mine
And the love for her
I shall never surrender
The force, I lay upon her
Fingertips, I wet
Whispers, my name
A tear from her eye
She sees my reflection
She calls once more, I drink…

March 19, 1991

The dreams I dream
For that is what I live
Sometimes it may seem
I turn my life into reality
The more and more
I reach my sanity
My softness, in the beauty
Mind at ease
It fulfills my duty
A lucky chance
The air is fresh
Forgive me, it’s my dance…

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March 30, 1991

Life is such a wonder
The heartbeats and sounds of thunder
I touch the soil, my birth
Stars I look to, what is my worth
In my grave I lay
So many years from this day
They cry and look down upon me
For I return to the land and sea
How long, I must decide
It looks to me, I cannot hide
I must survive
Hundreds of years I shall be alive
But to fill the bill
I must find the will
And my heart pounds like thunder
Rain and tears, oh no wonder…

April 19, 1991

I feel the wind blow cold on me
The screams and stories told
My heart stops, I hear the silence
The rains sting my face
For I cry, it hurts so
I’m flown, thousands of feet I fly
I touch nothing, the clouds move closer…

April 25, 1991

The branches hit me as I ran
I turned around, the terror began
My arms swing frantic as I cry inside for hope
Eyes red and watery I reach
Then quickly to rub, for I try to cope
The air seems thin now
I must get away somehow
The faster I ran, I began to feel safe, though I ache
I slow and soon walk to
Hear every step I make
Moonlight beyond the hill
I can hardly see
It lights my way enough
’Tis my only key
I lower myself to look
The dragon is near
If I had my sword that he took
Winds of this night cools my skin
And I shiver, may it be my sin
Fog, the warmth cools from the earth
What is its worth…

April 30, 1991

Spring opened its eyes to another
Mist air and the wetness went away
The birds sing the sounds of summer
Seasons that soon become one
On and on, day to night
For it may be, moon to sun
Trees, for that we take
Shelters our home
Fruit to eat, our arms to shake
Seeds that give us life
We look forever, the soul’s heart
I look for you, my wife
That promise of a clove
Warmth and tenderness
Together as one we wove
Sunset, touching of silk
Colors of nature that surround
And the sigh from the baby, mother’s milk
Sun’s rays that heat the day
For it cools into the sky
Warm winds, I rest by the bay
I look to the man next to I
The dreams he has I do not know
But he sees far, his window, an eye
Rivers that run deep
Plentiful fish to eat
Animals go extinct, so I weep
I see high, the trees above
Tips touch me, I fly
Landing to swim with the dove
Air blows so clean and pure, I feel
Through me it sees so clear
Oh, this day I wish to steal
The snow topped mountains flow down
I shiver, it becomes evening
A look upon my life’s town…

May 29, 1991

Though I may be one of many
I write just because of you
No cheap lines and the promise of eternity
For life is short, a blink and it’s gone
To memorize an image, it would be of you
The saxophone puts my soul at ease
Sunsets to you, if you please
I can’t give money, nor the stars on a cold night
But I can give you my heart and warmth at its sight…

July 30, 1991

I feel a home in me
For I start over so many things
The mountains, the sea
Far away I feel a home
A place that doesn’t rhyme
Day and night I save every dime
Soon the place in my heart will become a home…

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Book VI
(January 4, 2006 - June 25, 2006)

Les Amoureux de Vence by Marc Chagall


As I walk alone, into the past, down a dark village street after the rains end
Only the echoes of my footsteps and silence surrounds me on this night
With my white sneakers, blue jeans and comfortable clothes on
My legs light, the feeling of a full stomach and my daily fill of nicotine
I’m in a place I’ve never been
The street lamps reflect their light on the hard wet pavement below my feet
The scent of burning wood in the distance fills the February air, chilly and damp
I am who I am now, content, the master
Hearing music, I listen closely to it from across the way and walk to it
I walk into this place, a saloon of some sort

Lying across a table, she rests, and I’m not surprised seeing her
She stands up, alone in the room, as if she had been waiting for something
She looks at me with much surprise, sorrow, and anger but yielding
This was a place hundreds of years before now but knowing each other from the present
She looks at me and realizes who she is in this place and time
I take only six steps to a chair and sit before her
While the saloon’s piano begins to play itself
She looks down for just a second, thinks, and begins to dance for me

By the odors of her dress, shoes, and silk stockings
I’m reminded that her time had gone from this life and place
Her hair now bounces as she dances for me
Yet her long blond hair fell simple and still in the present over her pale skin
The presence of a professional and educated woman in lifetimes to come
Impossible to remember this place in the past from the future
Still knowing the future in this time and forbidden to speak of it
She would swallow her pride one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight times
Knowing her life now, in this past, would have to be lived in this manner

January 4, 2006


Like a vampire, I live only to taste you
The scent and consumption of your wetness cleanses my senses and fills my hunger
To smell your breath and to savor the taste of it from your lips is all that I am
Look at me forever in my eyes woman
And look at me as if you have never seen me before each and every time
Give me your look of strength as I empty you, quivering forever in my arms
I shall breathe into you with my warm wet kisses to feed your beating heart
Look at me, find the strength, so I may bleed from you all that you are and will ever be
With your soft touch, hold me tight and firm as we melt together into one

January 12, 2006

The Wind Inside

Alone in this place that surrounds me on this night
Nothing but the wetness of the misty air as I shiver from it on this dark beach
Gathering the warmth from the sand like a blanket to enclose me
Everywhere around me, I smell the rain and think of you
Listening to your voice with that muffled tone in your simplistic way
As I taste the salty water from my lips and I look into the endless sea

The mermaids play their violins to give me peace of mind
I hear the notes as they drop for me with the rain on my face
Thoughts of you at this moment fill my emptiness
Your smile and wet hair on your face with the rain, washing away our vanity
I try and find the rhythm in the music to speak my words to you, but
My strength seems to leave as the wind now blows from inside of me

Thinking of your smile seems to warm my heart from the ocean winds
But it takes from inside of me my thoughts and passion
Does he hold you in the night as I do in my mind
Can you feel me as I feel you here by the fire on this beach
Will you show me how to love you from what I see in your eyes
It hurts me inside to love you and you not knowing

January 17, 2006

Birthday Girl

Feel my heart beating with your warm soft hand,
Tease me with your touch, as I caress your face to see your smile
Follow my hand with your cheek and wrap around me,
As we float deep into sunsets, melting in our arms
Let us fly together into skies of roses with the scent of lilacs,
Tasting chocolate and red wine, forever
What shall be your gift on this day, your lips in pearl,
Or the taste of your delicate steps to please me? “I don’t know.”

February 6, 2006

Love for Aquarius

I live my life seeing your smile in my mind,
It’s in my thoughts that consume me
It keeps my heart warm in my own darkness,
A part of me that lives only for you, to breathe another day
I long for your kiss, crazy with wet kisses,
Feeding my empty heart that is so heavy, hurting only for you

Hold me in the rain and melt with me in the sun,
As I write only for you and walk to you in thunder
Knowing who it’s all for but you will not say,
So sleep peacefully on this night and stay pure without me
For my tears shall someday cleanse my soul,
So Saturn and Uranus may give you peace…every night

February 26, 2006

The Inevitable End

As I take my last couple of quick short breaths,
And stare into nothingness
Though I may not have you in my arms,
I feel safe knowing that you are there in my memory
What a joy it is to have an opportunity,
To write about you in my lifetime
For many people have not the chance to write about such love,
In the hundreds of millions of years of man

What shall be my last scent, the fresh-cut grass,
Or bread for the body that is to go in your presence
The peace that comes from the beauty of your image,
When the time comes to be
Hoping that it is not wrong to love you in my heart as I have done,
For it completed some emptiness for me inside
Such passion does exist for others to know,
To read and enjoy in hearts that melt into one

February 28, 2006

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Embracing Eternity

You are the first thought in my mind when I wake
And all of the petty problems that weigh me down
Just seem to melt away with thoughts of you
Making everything seem beautifully innocent, simple and natural
There is a place in my spirit, deep within my soul
A place where I hold you in my arms, in the darkness
With no right or wrong or social correctness
It has become a part of me and will follow me even into death
Our fragile bodies returning to dust once again
Into the nothingness, yet I will never forget this moment

While the two secretarial moneygrubbers drain the dreams of men
In their never-ending quest for riches through others
It is your essence that makes me unafraid to be a poor man
To bleed only for you as the bread is broken
It is thoughts of you that make me believe there is a God
Faith has become everything, embracing me with your entire being
My peace comes from within, from thoughts of you
And the serenity that only you can give my soul
Not only in this life do you give me such purity
But forever in my multiple existences until the end of time

March 12, 2006


Snow before the first day of spring
Enjoying the last moment before the summer’s heat comes again
Children lay limp and warm in their beds with soft mumbles and whimpers
Dreaming of their mommies as the sky turns another shade of gray
Soon they will awake to wipe the sleep out of their eyes and look outside
With wide eyes, through wet windows, as the streetlights light the wet snow outside
The city lies quiet this cold morning as the trees grow heavier by the moment
Sitting here in the dark, I look into the beauty and peace of this moment
As the snow falls with the wind to the still ground, white and untouched
I feel the warmth from inside, thoughts of innocence and the safety of childhood

March 20, 2006

The Darkness (Images from a Dream) I

I spent much time walking in the basement of the prison.
There were many rooms in this cement warehouse.
As time went on, I made my way outside into the night
And found myself being protected by a shooter.
Though he did not have very good balance
He put up a good fight and shot all who tried to enter.

Then, on the rooftop, I made love to the actress
Who couldn’t find peace in all of her time.
She was on top of me as we made love for what seemed like hours.
As her demands crawled all around the walls in black shadows
I felt my end coming from the look in her eyes,
For she would want to feed off me to fill the hunger in her soul.

April 23, 2006

The Move (Images from a Dream) II

It was my parents’ house, but it seemed to be haunted.
They would move a couple of houses down from it
To escape the demands and ghosts that haunted their world.
But these evil ghosts could not move me; I was unafraid.
The basement door in the house seemed like it came from somewhere else.
Shake your head at me, monster, and get in my face—it makes no difference, I am stone.
Was it because of the purity of being baptized Catholic? Have you no faith, my brother?
The new home would be identical to the old, and it began to furnish itself with furniture.
650 plus 50, times 2... 650 plus 50, times 2.

The home that I remember from childhood began to empty itself from the living room
And the hardwood floors that I sanded as a child were again below my feet.
“It’s falling apart,” my father said, knowing what I was thinking as we smiled from memories.
650 plus 50, times 2... 650 plus 50, times 2, and insurance?
The walls were painted Chagall blue, even the background of the mural in the dining room.
“This needs to be fixed, and this, and that... Can’t you see it has to go?” Dad kept saying to me “And we can’t move the tin from the wall.”
The layout of the interior would be almost the same ... what’s that? ... Silence
Would it hurt them for me to buy it on payment?

April 26, 2006

The Rich Man’s Wife

She ended the conversation
By calling me by the wrong first name,
Telling herself twice that she was unafraid,
To give her the confidence that she needed.
The programmed smile that she gave me
Was for her own peace of mind.

I just couldn’t help but notice the peach that consumed her face,
For she apparently wanted no more children.
I was looking for lemon drops, but her toes were flat and unflattering,
But it was the Jag and her large diamond ring that surprised me.
Was it so her husband could have silence?
Didn’t you know that she gave up being an attorney?

June 4, 2006

Lover’s Dream

I kept walking up and down the hill looking for her new office.
The firm’s expansion was in a large commercialized indoor development,
To make sure she would be found through her new success.
I wore only a long white shirt that went just below my groin
And it clung to my skin as if it were raining or I had gone for a swim,
Cloaked in dimness and images of a darkening evening
The blue sky was highlighted by the sunset’s glow.
Her office was closed, and strangers told me multiple times
She was giving a lecture, or was it an image I created based on her success?

We ended up meeting in a dimly lit bar, accompanied by another woman.
The other woman sat to the right of me and couldn’t keep her mouth off me.
I put her away from me and focused on the details of my lover’s face.
As she began to rub with her fingers the sides of me with firm pressure,
Through the long black coat that I was now wearing,
She didn’t know how far she wanted to go, but she couldn’t stop,
For it was giving her pleasure pleasing me; I could see it in her smile.
I knew at that point without her telling me and from the confident look in her eyes
She had read the poems written for her—Karma through Embracing Eternity

June 25, 2006

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Book VII
(July 2, 2006 - May 11, 2007)

Lovers in the Red Sky by Marc Chagall

The Absolute Nothingness

I guess it was from the beginning, from the first moment that I saw her
That long dark black hair combined with the image of her face
From the innocence of a warm summer and wondering what would become of it
And the memory of her thoughtful gift from a place where she had never been
Dance to the music in my mind with images of her, with all that is right and wrong

The smell of age in an ageless time, may her youthfulness never leave her
As she listens in on me from time to time when she can, as they do on all of us
The colors of orange melting to purple fill my imagination in the coldest winter months
As the memories of the scent of the blue ocean, its air and of the mermaid
And the food from the mornings to share from that place and time from my mind with her

From the lines reflecting from the walls to my face framed with the images of aging
Reminds me of the simplicity of the sun and the rain of spring
And to show and love her from nothing and from the beginning, to be mine
But with her enjoyment in it all and loving everything that comes with all of the moments
The moments from now until the end, the end of my last breath of seeing her

Lean back into me and feel safe and warm in my arms to show you the world
And may the time between now and then stay in our minds to give us peace
For the proper time and place when I see your smile and live this moment from now
Find peace in your dreams from what you live and breathe in your life
To live and see from your moment now until our time ties together through every autumn

July 2, 2006


She didn’t know where she would be in years to come,
And nowhere in the conversation did she mention his name
He paints for her into the night from her selfishness,
With his memories of his black hair and now gray
A world of faults to be his from her deceptions,
Taking with it his pride, standing there with his programmed smile
I turned away and looked into the blue twilight,
Chagall painting the black and white into color from the 50’s
I hide away by the fire in the attic, melting into the walls,
To finish the business that will never be complete

As I breathe in the cold fresh pine air to warm my heart,
Relieving me from years of draining dreams and messes to come
And let us not forget about the emptiness,
The lack of not having for I would have became a slave to it
The game that cannot be won from her smile and slatternliness,
Look up at me and into my eyes with burning flesh
With a mouth and tongue of swirling pearl,
Without the laughter and with solitude of silence, I find peace
Freedom that would have never been and the love of life that comes from it,
Weep to another for what would ever be sensible in the impossible…

July 14, 2006

Song Bird

Listening to feel the wind
In blue and song
As its virus consumes us

Licking the smoke from the air
Pink in the eyes that flurry
With laughter in our hearts

Jumping from cloud to swan
Tree to blue rivers and streams
Flowing among us in blowing rain

Blinded by sun and red moons
Leaping into faith with wings of fire
From what our hearts may bleed

July 21, 2006

Falling Petals of Red

In every turn it is your image that is burned into my mind
And my empty heart that you have left for me shall be my sickness
Melt into me like the sun and empty into my heart to give me the strength
To fill me with the emptiness from only the thoughts of you
For it is only you that I wish to inhale and all that you have is all I need
And the serenity that keeps me content from the loneliness

Swim with me in oceans of blue to fall with me in hills of rolling green
But I find nothing and reach out for you only to find your silence
Touching you like silk as you have done to me with your soft touch as you tease
And may the scent of your hair fall unto my face unto never-ending pleasures
Your shyness I see into your eyes as you arch for me
Into the falling petals of red

April 27, 2007

In Every Turn

Softly kissing every curve on your face
Caressing you with my firm touch in fields of magnolia
Smile for me, as you do, turning to inhale that sweet southern air
Whispering my vibrations to move throughout you

Tremble and close your eyes as I leave from tasting your lips
To show me your shyness as you turn away
Giving me your neck as I move your hair as you exhale
Always wanting me to have my way

As my fingers and tongue melt into your wetness
And in every turn you make, I shall consume you
Inhaling for me in your every slow turning movement
With wet toes and your murmurs of obsession

May 11, 2007

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(June 21, 2007 - October 21, 2007)

White Lilacs by Marc Chagall

Pink Salt

Her eyes, so sincere and in sorrow weeping pearl
She looks unto me as it melts into her skin's softness
Cherry blossoms blow, surrounding the day 
With rain and blowing pink-petaled ocean winds

And may we wish to ascend on this day into heaven
For snow in mid-summer to cool bitter flesh
Earth into peaceful moons of falling tears of love
With forgiveness and no bars of gold to weight our flights

Her soft hand firms the movement, to empty my soul
As I lay heavy and firm over her innocence
Into the deep, may her timid soul be fed from its taste
Dropping into me, to be emptied onto blowing silks

June 21, 2007


Clouds tower over the humid air
Through the sounds of violin notes
A blue horse awaits in the blackness of night
As she paints alone in the empty house
Her freckles on her white pale chest
Covered by her wet red hair

Looking through the water-marbled windows
The dry martini sits on “The Kite Runner”
Next to the vase of magnolias
To remind her of the scents of youth
And memories of faraway Louisiana
Betrayed, loved and melting alone in black

And through her smile she hides the pain
Her ghosts dance about her, deep into the night
Running into the unknown, forgetting
Her motions keep her occupied
With a focused spirit that cannot be broken
Into her warm blanket of strength

August 19, 2007


Preparing for Halloween in August
For she loves her candy so
Wiping windows to see through
Feeling my hand to caress her face

In my mind our lips melting into tongues
Teasing me with nails, as I know she can do
Watching her from the warmth of black
My heart beating faster as she moves closer
And the excitement of her false confidence

Looking up from her shyness from below
Before wet hair and with a heavy open mouth
Up and into my eyes with lips of wine
With the scent of vinyl in Memphis
Then pearl to cover clean white teeth

Power over man and law for ten is the number
To give her a new meaning to the word Woman
That comes from only the deepest of thoughts
Waiting in every shadow that is walked

August 26, 2007

A Spring Day in Winter

Find your way into our time and into this place
To find this peace to be forever in our hearts
And to the end of where we come to see ourselves more clearly
Into cold blowing rains and through the whitest of snow
Sun onto flesh with kisses melting into salty lips

To the innocence of our touch and scent
Breathe for me on this day into angels upon our summer night
With white roses in seas coming into hand
Holding to inhale only me with sand upon your feet
Before cold winds in arms of lavender skies

October 21, 2007

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