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Two months old

My mother and I

March 1972

Age 2

With my sister Holly

With my sister Holly in
Des Moines, Fall 1978

My Dad and I at the Benson
Ice Rink February 1979

With Michelle & Jill
375 N. 117th Crt
Summer 1979

In the backyard
513 S. 38th Ave
Omaha 1979/80

Fremont - Lake Ventura
July 1979

Getting some sun
July 1981

With our dog Tapley
August 1982

Don Johnson/Miami Vice
Age 15

Best friend Mark S. Marrufo
Late 1980's

US Marine Corps graduation photo from boot camp
Summer 1990

My mother and I after graduating from Marine Corps boot camp August 1990

Former Girlfriend
Rachel Shomaker
Omaha, September 1990

Sensei Farzin Omidvar
my First Kempo Instructor

Crane Stance at
Heartland of America Park
Mid 1990's

Harney St. School

With Mayor Hal Daub
Child Safety Awareness Program
March 1, 1997

Mount Rushmore
April 1998

Shihan Steiner and I in
Key West, Florida. We
are at the country's
most southern point,
90 miles from Cuba.
February 11, 2000

Shihan Steiner and I at the
Ernest Hemingway Home
in Key West, Florida.
February 11, 2000

6th Anniversary Celebration
June 2000

Fontenelle Forest
January 20, 2001

The last sunset before
my 30th Birthday
(Sensei Steiner on the left)
June 2001

Sandan Promotion
Hanshi Angel's Dojo
Joplin, Missouri

I give Hanshi Angel
his advisor certificate
October 2002

Outside my school
at 180th and Pacific

With Mayor Mike Fahey at
9th Anniversary Celebration
June 2003

World Head Of Family Sokeship
Council in Orlando, Florida
August 2003

Another day in the office
January 2004

Sijo Gascon visits Omaha
March 2004

With Renyao Yang
May 2004

Jeff Speakman, Lou Angel,
and Myself

Hanshi Angel's 50th Anniversary
June 2004

10th Anniversary Celebration
June 2004

Rokudan Promotion In
Tenshi Guju Kai
October 16, 2004

December 11, 2004

Eleven Year Anniversary
June 29, 2005

HMAIS "School of the Year"
Hawaii July 2005

Henry Doorly Zoo
March 5, 2006

Sensei Steiner Day &
His new school Grand Opening
March 9, 2006

My Dad and I
Omaha Field Club (1898)
March 18, 2006  

With friend Mark S. Marrufo
Full House, 61st & Military
July 6, 2006

With Molly McGrath,
Miss Nebraska 2006
February 27, 2007

With Tyler of the Todd and
Tyler Z-92 morning radio show
after his daughters class.
September 26, 2007