Professor Christopher N. Geary - THE GEARY PRIVILEGEBy selecting Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate® for your martial arts training, you have proven that you recognize and value excellence. To enhance your development as a martial artist, you may be interested in the benefits you could enjoy as a member of The Geary Privilege™. Established by Professor Christopher N. Geary in 2005, The Geary Privilege is designed for martial arts students and instructors who want to reach their fullest potential in this field.

The central purpose of The Geary Privilege is to provide personalized evaluations and one-on-one technical advice directly from your school's Founder/President, Professor Christopher N. Geary. No matter where you are in your martial arts training, you can benefit from the resources available exclusively to members:

  • Evaluation of your martial arts technique by Professor Christopher N. Geary, including personal belt testings, belt signings and promotions.
  • A personalized listing on the Members' Page, making it easy for other members to view your credentials via the Internet. Your name and rank can be listed on this page along with contact information such as address, phone number, website and e-mail address. Private registry is available for members who do not wish to be listed.
  • Affiliation and direct contact with Professor Christopher N. Geary, tenth-degree black belt and Founder of the award-winning Kempo Karate schools bearing his name.
  • A distinctive patch, certificate and membership card with your name and rank emblazoned with the symbol of The Geary Privilege.
  • Access to a password-protected website available 24 hours a day, featuring special training videos [currently 9th kyu (white belt) to Godan (fifth-degree black belt), with continual updates and additions] and other information of interest to dedicated martial artists. These streaming videos are available only to members.
  • Members-only discounts on selected items and events.
  • Updates on the latest news and information in the martial arts.
  • Invitations to social and cultural events involving the martial arts (when appropriate). This includes special training sessions throughout the membership year with Professor Geary at the Corporate Headquarters.

Membership is available only to current students and instructors of Christopher N. Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate. The membership year begins on November 15th of each year and ends on November 14th of the following year, beginning November 15, 2005. Each member is required to pay an annual membership fee of $100 US, regardless of the month in which the member joins The Geary Privilege.

To reserve your membership in The Geary Privilege or for more information, please contact Professor Christopher N. Geary at

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