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Edith  04/07/07   18:08:30 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

Don't know much about karate but you seem like a true one of.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cristian  04/06/07   02:27:29 Date
Message Excellent website, first chapter of your new book is great. Pardon me if sometimes I write words wrong. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and Franch as well, but I write very badly (laugh).


Paul Corrigan (Tatakai)  04/01/07   07:35:46 Date
Message Excellent website, first chapter of your new book is great.

Paul Corrigan
United Kingdom

Mark Krug (DevildogMrk)  03/31/07   15:22:57 Date
Message Very happy Great looking site! Enjoyed chapter 1 of the book as well. Keep up the great work...

Yours in Martial Spirit,
Mark Krug

Michelle  03/30/07   10:38:08 Date
Message Razz I am really glad that you have this website up. I sometimes refer to it for motivation. I hope that you keep adding to it in the future!

Grandmaster William McDonald  03/28/07   00:45:45 Date
Message I hope that our paths will cross one day. If so, maybe we could have you on one of my Karate Kast shows. Until then, I wish you much success for the future in the martial art industry.

Grandmaster William McDonald
Karate Kast CEO/Producer

Cristian  03/21/07   01:00:10 Date
Message Thank you so very much for inviting me to your website. Looks like you spent a whole lot of time with it.

The web it's great!

Michelle  03/09/07   18:27:07 Date
Message Hi,

I have been reading through Chapter 1: Inner Peace through Self Awareness and I really enjoyed reading it. I love the way you look at life in general and admire how disciplined you are. I also can relate to you in regards to your situation with your lawyer being unethical! Since I have been working for lawyers I do know that what you are saying is true of most small or midsize firms I have worked with and they would habitually blame their staff for their mishaps and go through the staff like water which actually made me feel like I was incompetent as a worker. I really had to try to evaluate what exactly I was doing wrong. So what you were saying in regards to that part was all too familiar to me!

So I am glad things haved worked out for you and I agree with everything you said! You would definitely want someone to commit to professional standards. You also taught me a lesson about organizing and time management which is absolutely crucial for me right now with everything I am juggling (school, work, karate, gym, homework etc) so it was definitely a good kick in the behind. Chapter 1 was a real eye opener and motivational reader. Thank you!

Whittier, California

Christie  03/05/07   18:07:00 Date
Message Razz Hey Chris! WOW...thank you so very much for inviting me to your website. Looks like you spent a whole lot of time with it. I really love all of your pictures very very much. And your poems.....gorgeous!!! I would have loved to be in your class when I was taking karate. Very happy You have a simply amazing talet that God has truly blessed you with. That's awesome! Oh and I just loved all of the pictures of the kids doing karate. They were cute! Anway, thanks again and you have a wonderful wonderful day Chris! Take care and God bless! Smile


Flynne Morris  03/05/07   10:45:42 Date
Message Professor Geary,

By some twist of destiny, I landed upon your site, and became aquainted with your lifes work. I have read extensively through your pages, and I have learned of you. Thank you for sharing from the depths of your soul. You are a true inspiration. A man of obvious strength in character, mind and body! It is sometimes unexplainable, how people chance to meet, even if only at a distance. But I believe we are kindred spirits. I'm wishing for you, continued strenght of spirit, and that you be replenished with each new day. Your poems are a testament of your heart and soul. Thank you for sharing that most REAL part of yourself.

I thought about you last night as I was settling off to dreamland. I had wondered earlier, why you remain single. The answer came to me clearly last night. You cannot swim in the shallow end for long. You would die there. You will only find her in the depths!

Peace to you Grand Master Geary! Thank you for being real, in a world, that in many ways, has lost touch with all reality!

With Highest Regards,
Flynne Morris
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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