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Rhonda Crombie  02/07/07   17:50:58 Date
Message I agree with the other prof about form on your poetry page. Rarely do poets today even try those tired formats. Let your verses flow.

To me, imagery is of top importance in poetry. I loved the image of a vampire in "Lascivious." The lines "Like a vampire, I live only to taste you" and "I shall breathe into you with my warm wet kisses to feed your beating heart" are haunting!! It is my favorite of your poems....

In reference to your first chapter, "Inner Peace through Self-Awareness".

“It’s true that some people start out in life with more advantages than others, but we still have the power to decide how we will play the cards that life has dealt to us. Maybe you don’t come from a rich family, but you have intelligence, good health, and a drive to succeed. The first thing to do is look inside yourself and find your passion.”

This idea struck me because in the fourteen years that I have taught college, I have repeatedly told my students this EXACT same thing.

I work with students who do not have the best educational backgrounds, some barely finishing high school and some actually having to take an equivalency exam to complete their education. Other students I teach are non-traditional and are starting higher education after years of being a parent or struggling through a frustrating, dead-end job. They WANT to learn. They have FOUND the passion and are doing anything they can, no matter their difficult situations, to succeed. When I see this determination, I, in return, want to do anything I possibly can to help them on their way. I feel this reciprocal bond, in many ways, is what society today lacks. If we all tried to thrive rather than ‘exist’ and if we simply reached to those, not try to pull them down, who have succeeded before us, our country would be in a much better state.

--Rhonda Crombie

Karen Sheperd  01/15/07   15:14:26 Date
Message I checked out your site. Awesome! Really nice site.

Best regards,
Karen Sheperd

Gary Zavitz  01/05/07   13:47:28 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Sorry that we could attend the opening of the Giles School. I had something to take care of that night. Zachary was at class eight times in two weeks right before your opening with regular classes, and private lessons. In saying that sometimes it takes me away from my duties. I spend so much time at the Dojo I can recognize a mistake immediately. I tell Shihan Steiner that I am his seated student. The parents are always asking me if their kids can come over for Zachary to help them with their moves and forms. I tell them to buy private lessons. I firmly believe in supporting your school. My wife is going to his women defense class tonight. If Shihan needs a parent to attack the kids in K. I. class I am the one. When Shawn does a movie theater demonstration Zach is one of the kids that performs. Karate is a very big part of our life.

My wife and I own and run two businesses one is a Title and Default services company called Nebraska Default and Titles Services Inc. And we flip houses on the side for about ten years now. So I am always on the run. When I have a possible client who has the time for me go to there home to talk to them about their situation, I have to go. That Friday night happened to be one of those times. My wife was in Colorado for a convention for our Title Company, so I had to go talk to these people. When Zach has a karate night she handles the client base and I take Zach wherever he needs to go. 99 % of the time these people are being foreclosed on and time is important, and of course they can be evasive do to collectors etc. So when opportunity opens the door I have to go. Being in business yourself I know you understand. I can tell you are a very busy individual. And you have many accomplishments. People in business do what ever it takes to succeed. I am really very sorry that we didn't make it. Zach wanted to really come to the opening. Karate is his passion. He told me I am a Privilege Member Dad and I want to be part of what ever I can in the organization. It's pretty cool how proud he is to be a Privilege Member. He displays that patch with pride. He tells me that Professor Geary taught Shihan, I want him to be part of my training. He really wants you to be part of his training. And he wants to get to know you better. I really feel awful about not making it to the opening. I am not a man that doesn't do what he says he is going to do. You can ask Shihan on that one. We are really heavily into Zachs training.

I took Tae Kwon Do years ago, and I wanted my son to have the knowledge of a better martial art form with better instructors. I really looked around at schools and instructors. I can honestly say I believe Kempo is the one and we chose your schools system. Not to mention K. I. classes and sparring classes. Zach told me his goal is to become a 10th degree black belt, and he won't quit until he achieves it. Believe me, I had tried to make him quit but he will not. As far as privates go with you, I am very interested in your evaluation of Zach. He has been working so hard with Shihan. And I told Shihan years ago don't be easy on him make it tough. I really want him to be able to defend himself. And Shihan is very hard on him and makes Zach perform to the best of his ability, physically and mentally.

I know this is going to sound like a Dad thing but Zach is a natural so Shihan and I make him work really hard on his stuff. We tell him that just naturally being good isn't good enough and that you have to work hard to perfecting it and to achieve your goals. And just so you know, I am behind whatever positive structured work out that you think needs to be used for Zach's training. As you have seen Zach is very little for his age. He is going to be nine in March but he looks like he is five. I would love to see what you honestly think of him. He looks up to his instructors. I tell Shihan these kids really listen and believe your every word. If you and I told Zachary the same thing he would take what you say to heart, more than if I said it.

Thank You,
Gary Zavitz
Maple School

Ricky & Jill  01/03/07   18:02:34 Date
Message Dear Christopher,

Rickey and I wish to extend a great big hug and thank you for capturing the marriage blessing on film. It meant the world to us having the pictures but most important, the love of family taking them. Not only did they turn out beautifully but we will cherish them forever!

We wish you all the best in 2007 and again say thank you for your thoughtfulness. We love you and are proud off all your accomplishments.

Ricky & Jill
Marietta Georgia

John M.  12/06/06   13:58:11 Date
Message Greetings Professor Geary,

I have read your autobiography and perhaps can help with some questions you may have. I came up in the Villari organization, later trained in Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate Jiu Jitsu and about 8 years ago converted to Ed Parker's Kenpo only because my instructor did. This was shortly after Professor Cerio passed away. Rest assure, you were ranked by Cerio legitmately in American Kenpo but not Parker's system. Out here in the New England area, I currently reside in Randolph, Massachusetts, the Shaolin Kempo that you studied at USSD is called American Kenpo by Professor Cerio and his first instructor GrandMaster George Pesare since the 1970's, maybe earlier. When my instructor switched from GrandMaster Villari's to Professor Cerio's, he honored our current rank but called the system (on our certifcates) American Kenpo. He told us that many students from Villari had come to him in the past. He said if they chose to stay with Villari's Kempo then he would work with them and rank them in the older system which he called Amercian Kenpo. We asked if there would be a problem with the Parker group. He told us American Kenpo is more or less a generic name and not something Parker had an exclusive on and that is one of the reasons Parker changed it to Ed Parker's American Kenpo (EPAK).

The ranking of Cerio from what the Parker people told you is utter nonsense and they know it. They are just sour grapes over the fragmenting and problems in their organization after the death of Ed Parker, not to mention hypocritcal. Sijo Emperado of Kajukenbo promoted Parker to 8th degree black belt and Parker wouldn't know a Kajukenbo kata if he tripped over it. I attended a Master Bill Chun Jr. seminar several years ago at Hanshi Craig Seavey's Nick Cerio school and asked some of these questions for at the time, there were being discussed on the internet. One of Seavey's senior students, actually I believe he was his first black belt when Seavey was under Fred Villari, Shihan Joe Shuras was introduced to me and brought me to a location in the dojo where all of the copies of Cerio's certificates were displayed. The Ed Parker certificate had no expiration date and it stated 9th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, not EPAK. Another certificate was pointed out from a Sifu Chin (?), anyways, this certificate was an 8th degree black belt and I was told Cerio had no 9th until Parker PROMOTED him. Craig Seavy also had all the original certficates in his office for he and another former Villari guy who went with Cerio were put in charge of NCK by Nick Cerio's brother Frank. The other man is form Canada, Clermont Poulin. Nonsesne on Cerio having to pay Parker dues for his rank. In the 60's Cerio was part of Parker's organization and he was signing up students for membership in Parker's IKKA. Cerio started his own system officially in 1974, Nick Cerio's Kenpo, Inc. and was PROMOTED by Parker in 1983! So there is no way Cerio is going to build up someone elses' organization and system and have NCK play second fiddle to the IKKA, this is ludicrous! Think about it.

These Parker seniors and even Ed Parker Jr. are full of it on this matter. This can be easily verified by getting in touch with either Seavey or Shuras, they are very highly respected in our area and very reputable with their information. They are extremely anal in documentation for verification on matters such as these. They have been around since Villari's early beginnings, earlier 1970's I believe and knew all the players so you can be comfortable with this information.

I, myself, keep a low profile, view but never post on the various discussion forums and I would rather not give my last name simply because of the abuse everyone suffers in these controversial matters by ignorant people who don't know their ass from their elbow. I hope I have been of some assistance.

Yours in the martial arts,
John M.
Randolph Massachusetts

Mike and Becky Kyle  11/18/06   18:43:17 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Thank you so much for the beautiful picture you gave us of Madison. That was very thoughtful of you.

We are very happy we put Madison in your school. She really enjoys it and loves to go every week.

Thanks Again,

Mike and Becky Kyle

Richard Harmon  11/15/06   10:55:40 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I am very impressed with your Shaolin Kempo Karate Student Guide. I love to study the history and culture of Kempo. I also respect you because you are a true Professor.

I will strive to be humble and to learn, listen, and pay attention to your instructions for my preparation. I appreciate your encouragement to me for being confident and bold in my self-defense training. I also really like your standards as expressed in the Shaolin Kempo Karate Student Guide.

Professor Geary, you are an excellent teacher. Under your guidance, I would like to earn a black belt in the future.

Richard Harmon

Kevin & Dedra Wick  10/05/06   19:46:49 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Just wanted to say "thanks" for instilling some good values in our son Payton. He has become much more respectful since joining your class. He is also becoming more confident and it is great to know that he will be able to defend himself in case of danger as he gets older.

Thanks again and congrats on all of your accomplishments.

Kevin & Dedra Wick

Jean Stodola  10/03/06   19:33:22 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I can't even begin to thank-you enough for all the amazing qualities you have instilled in my five year old daughter. It's been almost a year now that she has been enrolled in your school and the changes in her demeanor and personality are incredible.

I brought you a hyper/stubborn little girl and in such a short time I am proud to say I have a calm, confident, well-disciplined, happy little girl.

I believe the children at your school are so successful mostly due to your one on one involvement with them during class. The respect they have for you really shows in their eyes.

I thank you; along with many other parents, for your hard work, patience, and dedication that you have shown to our children.

Jean Stodola

David Carnley  08/30/06   17:38:02 Date
Message Professor,

I am so proud to be a part of your organization and to help its growth and success in any way I can. This site is something that a few years ago I think most of us thought we would never see. Your candor and honesty are to be admired and emulated. And this site is really well done!

See you soon,

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