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Curtis  05/12/07   10:08:25 Date
Message WOW! You have accomplished a lot! I am very fortunate that a kempo dojo opened up in my hometown, I have always wanted to take a martial art but never had the opportunity until now. I LOVE KEMPO! I needed something better to do with my time and something that will further discipline me, I found that something.

Do you have a lot of students? I bet all of them look up to you and have their respect. I donít even know you personally but you already have my respect. How did the marines work out for you?

Pearisburg, Virginia

Kimberly  05/11/07   13:36:07 Date
Message Namaste Christopher,

I enjoyed reading about you. I think it is so meaningful that you are dedicating your life to teaching others such meaningful lessons. I love martial arts myself.

Love the Chagall art on your site. I did a Chagall painting as a teenager that got me into the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I love the painter of dreams myself.


Savannah  05/10/07   17:31:54 Date
Message Your self-discipline is evident even as a child. Many people don't take the time to put into words what they feel. They keep it locked up inside, like it's in a tomb, never to see the light of day. It eats at their soul until there is nothing left but an empty shell of a person who goes through life with a "Whatever!" point of view. You are not like that and have made that clear through your writing and your accomplishments.

After reading what you have written, I have a great respect for you. You have set aside your childish views to become a man. Through self-discipline, you saw where you were going wrong, but insead of letting it destroy you, you grew stronger. You used your weakness as a strong point. Your pure and simple honesty in putting your words on paper is something you used as an outlet. (If more people in the world could be like this, what an interesting place it would be. But not everyone is that creative. That makes you special. Even I can see that.)

Next to Thor I think I may have found a new hero, although I'm sure that is not what you're after. In fact you don't seem the type at all. But you are. You're just too much of a man to know it. You're interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more of your poems.

Hutchinson, Kansas

Craig  05/10/07   00:10:25 Date
Message Love to read your writings, you have a great balance. Art of War vs. Art of Peace. Art of body vs. Art of Mind.

Fordland, Missouri

Krista  04/28/07   23:07:24 Date
Message Love your site-- looks great!! I love the poetry and artwork. My favorite pictures are Chagall's Equestrienne and Romeo & Juliet.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Smile

Selden, New York

Amy  04/28/07   22:25:20 Date
Message Hi Christopher,

I like the pictures of you on your site. Very cool -looking. I'll send you a message so we can chat. Smile Are you really all the way in Nebraska?

Maro Jensen  04/28/07   21:53:32 Date
Message Christopher. Thank you for writing "Falling Petals of Red". What a soothing piece. Made me feel kind of at peace with the world and, more importantly (read into that "selfishly"?), with myself.

You have a very enlightening site.

Nice, France

Diane  04/28/07   20:09:34 Date
Message Wow, Christopher. "Falling Petals of Red" was deep....and titilating. To share your mind, body and soul with someone like that is stuff we only read about and I certainly enjoyed reading it, several times.

Thank you,
Moreno Valley, California

Sherry  04/28/07   14:31:35 Date
Message The words were so pretty in your new poem "Falling Petals of Red", and you could feel the meaning in them. You seem like a very kind and gentle person! You could be a writer!

You should come down here! It is so pretty, I live in Pensacola, Fl. and we have the whitest beaches, in the U.S. I would like to see some of your training in black belt. You can tell by the words you write and the way you live your life, you live what you feel in side, and that is how you are to others. Gentle/kind.


Christie  04/28/07   07:48:45 Date
Message The new poem is fabulous!!!!!!!! You are amazing Smile Thanks so much for posting it!

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