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Suzanne  08/17/07   21:34:27 Date
Message My son's truck was hit by an IED today....if and or when you get into office...and I know that NE legislature does not have much to do with federal affairs....but you can at least speak out about this fucking war.......

MY heart has stopped and probably will not restart till that child is home safe......

This just SUCKS ASS!!! sorry for the profanity but i have had a few too many to drink...and fortunately it is a cheap undertaking.


Josephine  08/17/07   12:26:55 Date
Message Hello Christopher,

Stoppin by to Show Some Love!
God Bless you!!!

Love, Josie ♥ Smile

Kelly  08/16/07   21:47:18 Date
Message Christopher ~~

Thank you so much for sending out the Elvis video to everyone on Myspace, not only does this remind me of the day he passed away....but also, when I lived in Atlanta, GA, they would play this song at Stone Mountain Park at the end of their laser show on the mountain. I reminded me of how much I loved it down there, and brought back alot of wonderful memories of my time there. So thank you!


Walter Davis  08/06/07   22:37:27 Date
Message Professor Geary,

I read your story on your Myspace profile page. I think it's awesome that you made it to 10th degree Grand Master in 16 years. That is an accomplishment to be very proud of. I know that your style is one of the most effective styles to learn. I have some friends that come from Master Cerio's lineage as well. My story begins as a city kid growing up in Syracuse, some of the west side but mostly the north side. I was about 9 years old and it was the mid 1970s. Kung Fu was one of the most popular TV shows on. As a matter of fact martial arts was at an all time public high. Richy Barethy was smashing blocks of ice with his head on the Mike Douglas show, Billy Jack was kicking political ass and Bruce Lee was fighting Chuck Norris in the movies not to mention Elvis kicking his way across the stage as he sang via satellite from Hawaii. Needless to say I fell totally in love with Martial Arts. It was all I could think about. I read about it and dreamed about it.

Sometimes I would walk by some kung fu or judo school in the neighborhood and stare through the window every chance I got. However being a poor kid from the north side of the city I wanted so much to learn but my parents could not afford for me to go to any of the schools but that didn't stop me. I learned from anyone and everywhere I could get the knowledge. Seeing that everybody was into it at the time, I didn't have a hard time finding people willing to teach me. There were family members and friends of my parents that were coming home from Vietnam that taught me things they were taught in the military, which was some pretty evil stuff to be teaching a kid but they felt if I was willing to learn, then they were willing to show me. I also found people that could afford to learn from “karate schools" and asked them to show me what they learned and I didn't care what it was, judo, kung fu, shotokan, jujitsu (not that Gracie stuff either) we're talking standing up on your both feet Moses Powell stuff, wrist locking joint snapping, rip your ribs out stuff. I loved it and I wanted it all. I even boxed at the neighborhood youth center. At that time kids could go to an after school youth center and punch each other in the face and not have to worry about their parents sewing the center if your nose started to bleed a little bit.

Time went on and I continued my quest for martial arts knowledge through much of this same method and I'm not at all ungrateful for the way I got started in martial arts because I met some very special people that saw a love of something in me that they wanted to help me find and they helped me learn some things that I couldn't learn at a school. Nevertheless my Mother knew how I loved karate and managed to come up with money for me to join a school, “The Syracuse Purple Dragons”. I had the opportunity to learn from martial arts greats such as Master Greg Tearney, Randy Lawrence, Denny Davis, Estiban Trotman and countless others not to mention the endless positive influences I met at tournaments. But as time went on it got too hard for my Mother to keep paying the tuition for Syracuse Purple Dragons. I got a part time job so that I could pay for it myself, but I couldn’t afford it either so I had no choice but to start wondering again to learn. I went to different schools from Tae Kwon Do to Aikido to Kung Fu to other Japanese styles of Ishin Ryu, Tatsu Do to full contact kickboxing. I mean you name it I did it but only for as long as I could afford that particular school. That is Until April 1986. I joined the US ARMY. I was stationed at Fort Benning Georgia. It was there that I got the biggest most important education in martial arts when I met Jeff Deardorf, James Webster, Ismaell Lugo and Drill Sergeants Lay, Gardner, Crespo and Alsbrook. Especially Deardorf and Webster. They taught me the hard way, actually I learned the hard way by going up against these guys and getting my ass BEAT. I was too over confident and cocky with all I had learned from home. But these guys knew their stuff and when we were done, they took me under their wing and taught me what they knew and granted me Black Belt status, not 5th degree, not 10th degree, not 1st degree, JUST PLAIN "BLACK". They believed that you are either a black belt or your not and if anyone should dispute it then they should try to take it from you…if they can.

I got home and continued my quest for more knowledge, once again going from Master to Master just simply learning what I could where I could, till April 15 1988. My daughter Samantha was born. Now being a new husband and a father of a beautiful baby girl, I didn't have time for martial arts anymore and my training fell by the wayside. I didn't practice martial arts again until 1994 when a friend of mine encouraged me to teach in the gymnasium where we worked. I wasn't sure if anybody would be interested but people did join me and it was successful for a while then people dropped off and lost interest even though I was teaching for free, they just found better things to do. But there was something missing from my life of study too and that was I was never "certified" for my black belt rank, although my katas had gone up to unsu which is a 4th degree black belt kata and by then I had been training in martial arts for 19 years. So I went to somebody that I knew would understand me and help me. I went to Grand Master Greg Tearney (being a multi stylist himself) and one of my eldest and most highly respected masters to see if he would "test" me first and certify my black belt, not for 4th degree but just simply for Black. He said NO. That if I didn't go all the way through HIS school for black then he can't honor and certify my black. Needless to say, we agreed to disagree and I walked away. BUT, being the Master that he is, he still taught me at that moment a valuable lesson but I didn't realize it until later. He told me that if I have the confidence in what I have for my knowledge works then why don't I start my own family system that way I can declare and recognize rank within my own family just as the traditional Great Masters did. But the family lineage thing didn't dawn on me until I met Master Rudy Duncan.

Master Duncan however didn't judge me on the fact that I wasn't "certified" by him, he just let my love for teaching guide me and invited me to teach in his school on Pond Street in Syracuse. He and his senior instructor Jesse Dwire became very good friends of mine from that point on. But the lineage part I learned through Master Duncan. You see, Master Duncan is a traditional Kempo style like you (not sport kenpo) "traditional" which dates back through the generations of FAMILY that taught it down to Master Chow and Master Nick Cerio. That’s when I got what Grand Master Tearney was telling me. Start my own FAMILY SYSTEM. So I did. I compiled everything I learned over a 32 year span and combined it into what I called SANSHIDO "The Way of Three Battles". I even wrote a book dedicated to my family so that generations of my family can continue to learn our family way after I'm gone.

I did some public teaching recently voluntarily at Top Class Karate under Master Jean Wheeler in my new hometown of Pulaski NY. But she had to close her school because her building owners increased her rent too high. Nevertheless mainly I teach my own family. Yes some day I would Love to be recognized as well and certified by my piers, but if that day never comes…Then So Be It. I am after all just a small time guy, nobody knows who I am.

"Water is Your Greatest Weakness, He Said To The Iron Dragon, "Stay Strong And Shed Not A Tear And You Will Be Victorious".

”THE IRON DRAGON " Me Wally…I Will Never Give Up’ May God Bless and Be With You. My Martial Arts Friend.

Walter Davis
Pulaski, New York

Stephen  07/31/07   16:51:11 Date
Message One Kempo bruddah to anuddah!!!

Lots & LOTS of LOVE to ya, BRO!!!!!! And what I say is not just because we are kempo bros...

I really believe in what YOU stand for... When you win, please keep me in mind!

For a better EVERYTHING!!!

I am a student of martial arts who has been FORTUNATE to teach people of ALL levels in life the ways of the WARRIOR...

And I have been blessed enough to be responsible to be able to work with folks from every level of LAW ENFORCEMENT during these times. Most rewarding was a personal relationship as educational partners and friends with a top-notch FEDERAL AGENT in TSA [Transportation Security Administration] as well as other agents in Homeland Security.

Not that I agree with all the agendas the GOV imposes upon not just us... but these AGENTS as well...

And THAT is really why I truly LOVE and endorse CHRISTOPHER GEARY in 2008.

He never talks double talk, and ALWAYS stands up for what is RIGHT... FOR THE PEOPLE!

And... THAT is just how it SHOULD be!

GEARY IN 2008!!!


sarah  07/30/07   05:19:24 Date
Message Smile i check your page everyday on myspace but have only just looked at the website.

the pictures are great on here. you really look like you enjoy doing it. always have a smile on your face in every picture i have seen.
keep up the good work


Delaine  07/19/07   21:48:08 Date
Message Hey..visited your myspace page again..very nice. I stay so busy I forget how nice it is to read!

I would like to send a friend to you Kay from la. She lives about an hour from the Texas coast here where I live. She is new to myspace and would like to make some friends. You are one of the coolest I have met online thru myspace. So I choose you as my 1st recommendation.

I study mixed martial arts, I am new to it for about a year now, but my 74yr old grand master has taken me under her wing so if we aren’t eating we are working out.

Any way..must run..teenager needs kitchen..boy that is sad huh..think I will use you as an example of a good man and kindly unleash some discipline.


Melissa  07/19/07   18:03:20 Date
Message hey it bee? I am just sitting here so in love it seems....i need one of your poems about! Smile

Rima...  07/15/07   03:39:08 Date
Message Hey..Chris...
How u doin???
Well am extremely proud to have you as a friend...
You are the best...I mean it..coz if i did not you know i dont believe in false praiese...
Take care..

Katie  07/11/07   05:20:46 Date
Message I just want to say "Congratulations!" Laughing

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