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Tanner Lamer  12/15/10   18:41:09 Date
Message I enjoy going to your class, and I'm learning a lot.

Felicia  07/30/10   20:22:45 Date
Message Mr. Geary,

I read your book and the section about attorney Angela Burmeister. I also had a lot of problems with her and I spent a lot of money with NO results. In my case, I did most of the work and at the hearing we lost because we were not prepared.

I sent documents to her that were requested, she never reviewed them did research or anything, thus we lost our case because they said we were very unprepared.

She told me that she had experience with the public service commission. When we got to the hearing, it was a total embarrassment. I have thought about suing her for my lost money.

Felicia F.

Mr. Field Club  07/27/10   18:17:01 Date
Message rachel shoemaker, miss woods, dont smell the lid.

Melissa  06/22/10   22:52:53 Date
Message Good to talk to you , I enjoy your writing ...

Sandra  06/21/10   06:49:21 Date
Message Good Morning Christopher,

Your poem, "The Wind Inside" is beautiful. It's easy to visulise the people you're talking about. I can empathise with the poem too from past experiences, very touching. Thank you for posting such a wonderful piece on your web site.

Sandra Geary
Reading, England

Melissa  06/14/10   13:41:33 Date
Message You write great poetry. Keep up the good work.=]

Lincoln Nebraska

Sooraj  06/08/10   22:28:46 Date
Message Dear Christopher ,

Wishing a wonderful Happy Birthday ...!!!.Hope you are having a good one......Enjoy....!!! ...See you ..!!!

Warm regards,

Sooraj Prabhakaran

Susan S.  06/06/10   16:04:51 Date
Message Professor Geary - thanks for the lesson. You really made it easy and comfortable for me as an extreme novice to understand the moves. I can't wait to get started learning more of the techniques and how I can feel like I have better control and more confidence! I’ve been practicing while doing my other aerobic activities and just that little bit of time has helped me get more out of doing my kick boxing dvd’s! I may actually find I have more coordination than I ever thought! Thanks again!

~ Susan

Sergio Martínez Cotos  05/27/10   14:25:51 Date
Message Dear Mr. Geary:

I'm Sergio Martinez Cotos, I'm 21 years old, nice to meet you! I'm a student of Political Sciences from Barcelona (Spain) and I'm studying also the primaries of the 2010 Senate and gubernatorial elections. I saw that you have runned for Governor of Nebraska, winning more than 8.000 votes (about 5%), and I'm interested in interview you because I write in a political magazine of my University, the University of Barcelona (UB), and I want to know your vision and your thoughts about the American politics and the reasons why you have runned for Governor of Nebraska. And so, because I want that the students of my University know that there are more much politicians in USA than governors, senators, and the federal government

I hope you can respond to me. Thank you very much.

Sergio Martínez Cotos

Temenos  05/26/10   13:49:18 Date
Message I love Marc Chagall's, pictures of lovers..perfectly accompanied by your poetry.

May you find her.

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