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Valery Ann  09/17/07   08:39:27 Date
Message I watched your videos...very nice! You can move some one with out touching them...that is impressive.

Tina  09/13/07   08:53:28 Date
Message "Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision." May your vision come true. Good luck in your campaign for Senator.

Vicki Simpson  09/10/07   07:11:59 Date
Message I just thought I would let you know what the high school students think about September 11th. They collectively have come to the conclusion that that day is important enough to deserve becoming recognized as we do Martin Luther King, Independence Day and even Labor Day. It is a day that changed America, some for the better, and some for the worse. But those firemen, policemen and the average Joe's that did what they did that day deserve to be honored, not just on the first anniversary or the 5th but every year.

Thank you for listening to me,
Vicki Simpson

Haole  09/06/07   18:15:01 Date
Message My thoughts pretty much coincide with your response on mandatory helmet laws.

I will be watching your campaign with hightened interest. I dont care for big government, a result of what I feel is limited oversight, wasteful spending, pork belly projects and abuse of what was supposed to be noble temporary programs for people in need to get them back on their own two feet.

I am impressed you take the time to answer messages.

Prospective constituant


Ratama  09/06/07   13:11:53 Date
Message I am not too sure on your beliefs and what you can do to change this community and state. I have a few issues that I need answers to before I can vote for you...and its easier asking you and getting a straight answer from you than reading blogs right first issue is: what are your thoughts about sex offenders?

I was molested as a child starting as back as 4 years old that I can remember. My mom had my step dad arrested...but bailed him out when I was 11. The courts dropped the charges and I had to go back home and live with them, thinking that court would scare him. I, only at age 11, was terrified to go back home but I had no choice. My step dad continued almost every night there after until he was arrested for child abuse on my baby mom knew what was going on but failed to do anything about it. I was raped by my brothers and I had a date rape which I became pregnant with my daughter. I chose to keep her...and I got married to someone from my church about a year later. I thought, geese I am actually going to have a wonderful life...instead I found out 5 years later he molested my daughter...I called cps...they did an investigation...and found nothing...they claim I was having "flash backs" of my I thought I was going crazy...we moved from sarpy county to douglas county and something happened again...not to mention he was physically abusive and mentally abusive and sexually abusive to me...but no one would believe me from before so who could I have turned to.

I turned to my school counselor and they didnít help then...they didnít help my daughter...well I confided in my husbands brother...and it was him who a result...I lost my daughter for 15 months...he was arrested and now I am divorced and married someone else. He is still in the mental institution...getting ready to be free....this happen in July of 2003...I was placed on the child abuse and neglect register for Nebraska...why? I donít know...I tried to report the only way I knew how...I cant help that the authorities wouldnít help...the school wouldnít help...but while he gets out...I am stuck on this register...that is sooo unfair...while I am still having troubles with my flash backs but now I have a daughter as well with these same issues...soo its important that I know where you stand on this issue...before I can vote for you or anything...its really hurt my family in sooo many different ways.

I belong to a support group called Parents United...parents against child sexual kids belong to a support group called Daughters and Sons United...and it has helped my family in sooo many ways...and we will continue to go and help get the word out there that there is help and you are not the only one ....soo you can tell how important this issue and topic is to me and my family...please let me know what your thoughts and plans or the lack there of...on this issue...


Angie  09/05/07   09:36:06 Date
Message Dear Mr. Geary,

I am a 40 yr old truck driver from Omaha. I am married and we drive team over the road. I would like to tell you where I stand with governmental politics. I used to have a lot of faith in our government but now I feel very strong against it.

Lets take Omaha, I was so glad my son was out of school when you all started talking that segregation stuff. I couldnít believe it. I might be wrong and if I am please set me straight on these views ok. But my son was lucky we got to pick what school he went to. Not now, the blacks go to one area, Spanish to another and whites to another. I thought we all bleed red, maybe I got the law wrong if so sorry.

Now on to religion, I think everyone has the right to practice his or her religion anytime place and anywhere. Even in school. Next what about truck drivers we work long and hard hours so you all can have the things you eat, drink, play with, drive, etc............... so why do we get the short end of the stick? Like say a car pulls out in front of us and we hit the car and its the truck drivers fault, we pull over in a safe area to switch drivers and get a ticket, everyone thinks trucks can turn on a dime and stop on a dime. WELL WE CANT. We get cars that cut us trucks off, flip us off, tailgate us (yes some bad apple truckers do the same thing) and for those I am sorry. But I would like to see more places for trucks to go to sleep around Omaha. I want to see friendlier police officers that understand us drivers. I want more appreciation for us drivers. I may be way off base here if I am, Iím sorry. I guess I needed to talk to someone. I lost hope in the government when they started ripping our constitutional rights apart. One of those rights was for our religion. Freedom of speech but I guess they wrote that out of it.

Please if you would, I donít know much about the government but I do know when we the American people are getting the short end of the stick. I would love to know more about the government and how it works so I donít feel so left out of the loop. I hope you will write soon.


Lisa  09/04/07   21:33:31 Date
Message Immigration:

My daughter is a single mother of three young children. She recently lost her job and went through Staff Mid America hoping to get a position at O'Brien's meat plant in Bellevue. A friend working there said they are hiring people who walk in and don't speak any English. She kept asking when a position would become available. Finally after 2 months of calling, she was told to go to orientation in Omaha. The employment agency never offered her any other positions. During orientation they called to check her job title. The receptionist put the phone on speaker and talked to the manager and a supervisor who both said there were no openings, even though Staff Mid America was on the phone to O'Brien's the day before. The friend said they hired another walk in who didn't speak English. I called to ask why they sent her to orientation and they said there was a miscommunication and that there were positions available. They said they would investigate and call her back. She has not heard anything else. Earlier I had called and asked how they hire and they said only through Staff mid America. She tried to go to the plant to talk to someone, but the gate is always locked.

Her friend said there are only Mexicans and blacks working there that he knows of. Her friend is black. I'm beginning to think they are hiring illegals and their friends. They should be investigated. My daughter finally got a job working 25 hours a day at $7.00 an hour. That is all she could find anywhere near this area. If you aren't military, there is very little work in Sarpy county that isn't part-time, nights and weekends. Thank you for letting me vent.


Jenni  09/03/07   21:55:27 Date
Message Hi. I'm Jenni. First, I would like to thank you for your service to our great country in the Marine Corps. You have my utmost respect. I'm not a Sarpy County resident but I do wish you well in your quest to represent District 3. I do have a request. If you have the opportunity to become involved with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, The Department of Developmental Disabilities - please do. Nebraska has a terrible program. My step-daughter is a 26 year old lady with a severe hearing impairment and she is mildly mentally retarded. She is on a waiting list that is four years long to receive residential services and services contracted through the Ollie Webb Center. She didn't attend school in Nebraska and has to go to the end of the waiting line because of it. If the opportunity arises, please get involved.

Best Wishes,

Niki  09/03/07   17:18:34 Date
Message I enjoyed looking at your School's website, If you do not mind me asking what are the main differences in your style of Shaolin Kempo and Say American Kenpo or Tracey's Kenpo? I study American and Tracey's (when I have time and am not teaching at me school Smile as well as Shotokan, Taekwondo, and Judo (yea I know but what can I say I love Martial Arts). from the photo's I have seen you have a beautiful school! Well Done Winking

Martial Arts AND poetry!! Nice combination not to many Butt kicking poets out there Winking I use to write (Many years ago) I haven't done so in so long though, Hm, maybe I'll give it another go sometime!! I enjoyed reading your work!! I should stop reading and get to planning out my Drills for the coming weeks classes though Smile I will have to bookmark the link so I can finish reading them... Have a good night.


Joseph  09/02/07   21:35:08 Date
Message Anyone who considers fitness a personal priority and has desire to serve the public has got to be a well grounded person in my opinion. If you have spare time and have preference on where you like to go to chat...i'd be interested in discussing politics and what your plans are when running for the Unicam. I was a student of Ron Withem's wife Diane and am a registered rebublican but I don't vote on party lines frequently.

Let's meet up and discuss what your ideas are. I may be able to help in some's always good to be close to political representatives for future networking purposes. I'd be interested in getting political when I reach age 35, but for now i'm just looking to build a career in Management after having served in the Air Force for nearly 6 years as a medic.

Looking forward to meeting,

Joseph K.

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