Rhonda Crombie  Wed Feb 7 17:50:58 2007 Date
Message I agree with the other prof about form on your poetry page. Rarely do poets today even try those tired formats. Let your verses flow.

To me, imagery is of top importance in poetry. I loved the image of a vampire in "Lascivious." The lines "Like a vampire, I live only to taste you" and "I shall breathe into you with my warm wet kisses to feed your beating heart" are haunting!! It is my favorite of your poems....

In reference to your first chapter, "Inner Peace through Self-Awareness".

“It’s true that some people start out in life with more advantages than others, but we still have the power to decide how we will play the cards that life has dealt to us. Maybe you don’t come from a rich family, but you have intelligence, good health, and a drive to succeed. The first thing to do is look inside yourself and find your passion.”

This idea struck me because in the fourteen years that I have taught college, I have repeatedly told my students this EXACT same thing.

I work with students who do not have the best educational backgrounds, some barely finishing high school and some actually having to take an equivalency exam to complete their education. Other students I teach are non-traditional and are starting higher education after years of being a parent or struggling through a frustrating, dead-end job. They WANT to learn. They have FOUND the passion and are doing anything they can, no matter their difficult situations, to succeed. When I see this determination, I, in return, want to do anything I possibly can to help them on their way. I feel this reciprocal bond, in many ways, is what society today lacks. If we all tried to thrive rather than ‘exist’ and if we simply reached to those, not try to pull them down, who have succeeded before us, our country would be in a much better state.

--Rhonda Crombie

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