Gary Zavitz  Fri Jan 5 13:47:28 2007 Date
Message Professor Geary,

Sorry that we could attend the opening of the Giles School. I had something to take care of that night. Zachary was at class eight times in two weeks right before your opening with regular classes, and private lessons. In saying that sometimes it takes me away from my duties. I spend so much time at the Dojo I can recognize a mistake immediately. I tell Shihan Steiner that I am his seated student. The parents are always asking me if their kids can come over for Zachary to help them with their moves and forms. I tell them to buy private lessons. I firmly believe in supporting your school. My wife is going to his women defense class tonight. If Shihan needs a parent to attack the kids in K. I. class I am the one. When Shawn does a movie theater demonstration Zach is one of the kids that performs. Karate is a very big part of our life.

My wife and I own and run two businesses one is a Title and Default services company called Nebraska Default and Titles Services Inc. And we flip houses on the side for about ten years now. So I am always on the run. When I have a possible client who has the time for me go to there home to talk to them about their situation, I have to go. That Friday night happened to be one of those times. My wife was in Colorado for a convention for our Title Company, so I had to go talk to these people. When Zach has a karate night she handles the client base and I take Zach wherever he needs to go. 99 % of the time these people are being foreclosed on and time is important, and of course they can be evasive do to collectors etc. So when opportunity opens the door I have to go. Being in business yourself I know you understand. I can tell you are a very busy individual. And you have many accomplishments. People in business do what ever it takes to succeed. I am really very sorry that we didn't make it. Zach wanted to really come to the opening. Karate is his passion. He told me I am a Privilege Member Dad and I want to be part of what ever I can in the organization. It's pretty cool how proud he is to be a Privilege Member. He displays that patch with pride. He tells me that Professor Geary taught Shihan, I want him to be part of my training. He really wants you to be part of his training. And he wants to get to know you better. I really feel awful about not making it to the opening. I am not a man that doesn't do what he says he is going to do. You can ask Shihan on that one. We are really heavily into Zachs training.

I took Tae Kwon Do years ago, and I wanted my son to have the knowledge of a better martial art form with better instructors. I really looked around at schools and instructors. I can honestly say I believe Kempo is the one and we chose your schools system. Not to mention K. I. classes and sparring classes. Zach told me his goal is to become a 10th degree black belt, and he won't quit until he achieves it. Believe me, I had tried to make him quit but he will not. As far as privates go with you, I am very interested in your evaluation of Zach. He has been working so hard with Shihan. And I told Shihan years ago don't be easy on him make it tough. I really want him to be able to defend himself. And Shihan is very hard on him and makes Zach perform to the best of his ability, physically and mentally.

I know this is going to sound like a Dad thing but Zach is a natural so Shihan and I make him work really hard on his stuff. We tell him that just naturally being good isn't good enough and that you have to work hard to perfecting it and to achieve your goals. And just so you know, I am behind whatever positive structured work out that you think needs to be used for Zach's training. As you have seen Zach is very little for his age. He is going to be nine in March but he looks like he is five. I would love to see what you honestly think of him. He looks up to his instructors. I tell Shihan these kids really listen and believe your every word. If you and I told Zachary the same thing he would take what you say to heart, more than if I said it.

Thank You,
Gary Zavitz
Maple School

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