Mark Suppes  Tue Oct 25 09:57:46 2005 Date
Message Professor,

Thank you for your instruction and attention to all of the little details of everything that you teach in your techniques. After watching and working with another martial arts instuctor from my hometown, he may have more techniques and requirements for each belt but he does not focus on the perfection of each move and every technique.

I like the way that you make everyone perfect their techniques or movements before they can learn the next one. Whereas while I watch a friend teach American Kenpo back in my hometown, it seems as though all he is interested in is the students memorizing what to do instead of doing it with good form or knowing why they are doing it. You truly know what you are teaching and don't just read the techniques off of a piece of paper and then teach them.

I have enjoyed being a part of your class. Thank you for your great instruction and good luck in the future.

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