Charles C. Goodin http://  Thu Sep 29 15:05:26 2005 Date
Message Dear Professor Geary,

It was a pleasure speaking to you this morning. I am glad that you had the opportunity to visit our Hawaii Karate Roots exhibit at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.

Kenpo has a rich history here in Hawaii, starting with James Mitose and continuing to the present. I am glad that Hawaii's important place in Kenpo history is being recognized and that the art is being perpetuated.

I visited your school website and must compliment you on its design.

As I mentioned to you, I originally studied Kenpo Karate under Florentino S. Pancipanci, and later under Edward Wallace of the CHA-3 organization. This was over 30 years ago. Although I now teach Shorin-Ryu, I have great respect for the art of Kenpo Karate, and its pioneers here in Hawaii.

I hope that if we have other exhibits, that you will be able to attend them as well.


Charles C. Goodin
Hawaii Karate Museum

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