July 13, 2005 - Present Sign guestbook Reload

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Michaela T.  07/25/16   16:14:10 Date
Message Hello Christopher! I appreciated your approach with your campaign letter that I received in the mail. I opened it right away because it wasn't packaged as junk mail, but rather an actual letter. I like your approach of emphasizing the needs of our city over political alliances or strategizing for further political advancement. The strategizing for further political gain is making me a little bit crazy right now; more than ever I'm appreciating candidates who stand on principle, even if that makes them unpopular with other politicians. Your letter and experience speak a lot towards your values; I appreciated the bullet-points of your top values on your website. The Q&A section was helpful for me to understand what your views are. I am glad to see that you actual have ideas on how the city can continue to develop and enhance North Omaha; unfortunately it's a huge segment of our city that gets overlooked or just pegged as a bad part of town; I know a number of hard-working people who live in North Omaha and are fighting hard for its prosperity. I also appreciate that you value historic buildings. As a board member of the Ford Birthsite Neighborhood Association (basically Park Ave to 33rd St., Woolworth to Pacific), I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on redevelopment and the gentrification of our neighborhood (and I wouldn't be surprised if it starts happening more in the Benson area as well). Thanks for reaching out, and for making your campaign personal and about Omaha. You certainly have my attention, and I'll be following your campaign!

James  03/06/16   12:26:40 Date
Message Hello, Mr. Geary! I appreciate and approve the method you are employing to further your campaign. My name is James. I'm 34, a veteran of the US Army infantry ('02-'05), a husband, father, and Omaha native. Your website is full of information about you as a person and as a candidate, I appreciate that. My wife and I plan to vote for you as our choice in 2017. Thank you for joining the race for Mayor in Omaha! ~ James G.

Emily B.  11/01/15   14:16:59 Date
Message Christopher, my name is Emily and I live here in Omaha. After reading through your website, I have to say I am extremely impressed with the platform on which you are running and the blatant refusal to give in to monetary donations. Thank you for allowing questions that go directly to you!

Holly Stout  07/29/15   10:01:28 Date
Message I like your campaign site for Mayor of Omaha. When the time is closer, I will be happy to put a sign in the yard, but I don't want to do it too soon because I don't want you to be over exposed. That can happen, right? I like that you are a teacher! I hate people who are in office to "do something about education" and don't know the first thing about it; that is annoying beyond belief! I didn't see anything in your platform with which I would take issue. How rare!

Danny Garcia  06/08/15   20:58:35 Date
Message Have a great b-day, to our hopeful future Mr. Mayor.

Dan Megill  06/08/15   17:13:06 Date
Message Peace Happy Birthday Hon Geary GM many many more peace.

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